Paustovsky ‘First Snow’ A presentation for grade 5 how to write?

I woke up at night from a strange, unusual feeling and thought: ‘I am deaf?’Lying with my eyes closed, I listened, but there was just a deafening silence around me. And I was scared. But then I realized that nothing happened to me. It’s just that all the usual sounds disappeared somewhere and only the haste of the cat in a dream is heard.

I opened my eyes and saw that a white, smooth light floods the room. When I got up and went to the window, I saw that snow fell. It was very quiet and only the yellow circle of the moon shone through the haze of the clouds.

Going to the clock, I saw that now two in the morning. If I lay down at midnight, then the snow fell in these two hours.

A lonely bird sat on a branch with snow. Then the bird flew away, and for a long time snowflakes fell from the branch like glass beads.

Waking up Ruvim looked out the window and said that the first snow to the earth is to face. The earth was really smart.

The presentation on the story ‘The First Snow’ of Paustovsky is essentially his retelling in his own words. The text itself (original) is given below in the picture to read it, and not look.

Here is an example of presentation for grade 5:

Once I woke up in the middle of the night. Something strange and incomprehensible happened to me. I first thought that I was completely deaf. After all, around it was so quiet. I have not heard a single sound, not a single rustle. The only sound came – it was a haste of a cat in a dream.

It turned out that the first snow fell at night. In those 2 hours that I slept, he wrapped the whole earth. The white light emanated from him, which was complemented by the full moon in the sky.

Only the bird violated complete calm, that she sat down on a branch and shook off the snow. When she flew away, everything froze again, everything was subsided.

Suddenly woke up and Ruvim. He also admired the snow, and then said that this first snow is very suitable for the earth.

A touching and beautiful, simple and realistic story of Paustovsky ‘First Snow’ is that wonderful moment when the earth really transforms, changes its outfit and not recognize it. She is really magnificent at that moment, such changes to her face.

Paustovsky ‘First Snow’ A presentation for grade 5 how to write?

I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and even scared. My first thought was that I lost his hearing. It turned out that such a feeling is from the fact that around is an ideal silence and absolutely no sounds of rain or wind are not heard from behind the window. And only the cat sniffs quietly.

It just snow fell on that night. Because of this, the whole room shone with a white light flooding it.

Looking out the window, I found that everything was covered with a thick layer of snow. Quietly, quietly. And in this silence, through the cloud haze, the lunar disk shines through the yellowish radiance.

I looked at my watch. They showed two in the morning. So many snow managed to fall out from twelve hours – from the time I went to bed.

I looked out the window again. A bird was sitting on a tree. She swayed lonely on a branch, but something made her fly away, and snowflakes sprinkled from a branch like beads from glass.

Ruvim also woke up and looked out the window. “An outfit from the first snow to the face of the earth,” he said. And this is really the case.

Here is another example of the presentation:

Paustovsky ‘First Snow’ A presentation for grade 5 how to write?

I really like Paustovsky’s story. After reading it, you admire and rejoice at the first snow with the hero of the story.

The story of Paustovsky ‘First Snow’ can be stated as follows:

When I woke up, I decided that it was deaf. It was light, but quietly. No sound was heard, a rustle.

It turned out that in the two hours that I overslept, snow fell and restrained everything around. On the clock, the arrows that showed two in the morning were clearly visible.

I looked out the window. A gray bird was sitting on a maple branch. Sitting a little on a branch, the bird flew away. Snow sprinkled from the branch. The bird flew away, and the snow fell for a very long time like glass rain.

In the morning, Ruvim woke up and said that the first snow is always at the face of the earth.

To write correctly any presentation in the 5th grade, you need to open an application in the textbook, which is at the end of the textbook, and read the memo ‘how to prepare for a presentation’. I give an excerpt from it:

  1. Read the text carefully.
  2. If there are incomprehensible words, then find out their meaning.
  3. Highlight the main idea, find words and the phrase that express them.
  4. Divide the text into parts and come up with a name for them.
  5. Then read the text again taking into account the spelling and arrangements of punctuation marks.

Well, then start writing.

My child wrote a week ago the presentation of the first snow, they wrote at school according to the plan compiled with the teacher.

By the way, the task for the presentation of the first snow ‘Paustovsky specifically says that you must first make a text plan. It will be much easier to write a presentation with it.

An approximate plan to the text ‘First Snow’ can be seen here.

And here is an example of the presentation:

One night I woke up from the fact that there was an amazing silence around. It seemed to me that in a dream I was deaf. I lay with my eyes closed and listened until I realized that it was just such silence. She is also called ‘dead’. Everything seemed to die around. It was only heard the cat sniff.

I opened my eyes. The room was lit by white and even light. I got up and went to the window – on the street everything was snowy and silent, only a lonely moon shone in the sky. Then I saw a large gray bird flew in and sat on a maple branch. She pumped a branch, and snow fell from her. The bird flew away, and he continued to pour. And again silence came.

Everything around was elegant and beautiful.

I wrote such a presentation.

Once at night I woke up, the feeling was strange. I thought it was deaf. My eyes were closed, but I did not hear anything. Such a silence is called ‘dead’. Having lie down a little, I realized that it was not deaf, but just everything was silent outside the window. In this silence it was heard only how the cat sniffs.

When I opened my eyes, the room was filled with white light. Going to the window, I saw that everything on the street was covered with white snow. An idea arose when the first snow fell? The room was so light that I saw black arrows, they showed 2 hours.

I lay down at 12 a.m. to sleep, so the earth has changed in two hours, all the forests, the fields covered snow.

A bird sat on a branch, snow fell off, and the bird flew away.

Waking up Ruvim said:

  • The first snow decorates the earth.

Indeed, the Earth was like a bride.

The presentation in the text is written not as a retelling, but you need to try to write close to the text, this is the difference from retelling in your own words. Writing of expositions trains memory and develops speech, fixes the skills of building sentences, because the student is put in a certain framework. Usually the presentation is written after listening to the text. Write the presentation the task is not out of simple.

To write the presentation, you need to read the text, and even better ask someone to read the text 2 times. After the first time reading, you need to mentally divide the text into parts, after the second, already fix the meaning of each part. Listening or reading the text, it is better to present a picture in my head, which is about in the story.

For example, you can write a presentation on a given text of Paustovsky.

In the middle of the night I woke up and it seemed to me that I stopped hearing in a dream. I was lying without opening my eyes and thought what happened. But it turned out that it was just very quiet behind the wall. Everything died – garden, forest, rain. I got up and looked at the street – everything was white and quiet. Only the yellow moon shone in the sky. I could not understand when the snow managed to fall. It was so light from the snow that I even went to look at my watch. It was two in the morning, and I fell asleep at 12. So in two hours there have been such changes. I looked out the window again. The bird sat on a tree branch and snow fell from it. The bird flew away. The earth dressed up and was beautiful as a bride.

Waking up in the middle of the night, I first decided that it was deaf. This feeling arose because there was complete silence around. But after listening, I realized that it was not deaf, but just all the sounds outside the window disappeared somewhere: I could not hear the noise of rain, the rustling of the wind in the leaves of the garden. I hear only how the cat sniffs in a dream.

Opening my eyes, I saw a room filled with light. I got up, went to the window and gasped in surprise – everything around was covered with white fluffy snow. The lonely moon flooded everything around with a yellow light.

Surprised when the snow managed to fall out, I looked at the watch that was clearly visible. They showed two in the morning. I fell asleep at twelve, which means that in just two hours nature has changed so unrecognizably.

Only a lonely bird sat on a tree branch, violating complete silence. After sitting a little, she flew away, and I thoughtfully watched the snowflakes crumbled from the branch.

Then Ruvim woke up and noticed that her new outfit was very going on to the earth.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and first thought that it was deaf. Then I realized that there was a deafening silence around, there was no wind or rain outside the window. Only the cat sniffed quietly in a dream.

I got out of bed and went to the window, I was very surprised, fluffy and snow -white snow lay on the street. I still did not understand when he fell out, looked at his watch, they showed two in the morning, and I lay down at 12 in the morning. So while I was sleeping for these two hours, the ground was swallowed with snow.

And then I saw a bird sat on a branch of maple, the silence was broken, then the bird flew away, and the snow continued to go all.

Ruvim woke up in the morning, he said that the snow is very to the face of the earth.

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