Physicists suggest that our universe exists inside a black hole

Physicists suggest that our universe exists inside a black hole

Physicists suggest that our universe exists inside a black hole

This strange theory, on which physicists have been working for a single decade, can shed light on many questions that are not able to answer the famous theory of a big explosion.

According to the theory of a large explosion, before the universe began to expand, it was in a singular state, it was at an infinitely small point of space contained an infinitely high concentration of matter. This theory allows us to explain, for example, why the incredibly dense matter of the early Universe began to expand in space with great speed and formed celestial bodies, galaxies and accumulations of galaxies.

But at the same time, it leaves unanswered and a large number of important questions. What was provoked by the big explosion itself? What is the source of mysterious dark matter?

Physicists suggest that our universe exists inside a black hole

The theory that our universe is inside the black hole can give answers to these and many other questions. And besides, it combines the principles of two central theories of modern physics: the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

Physicists suggest that our universe exists inside a black holeThe general theory of relativity describes the universe on the largest scale and explains how the gravitational fields of such massive objects as the Sun, twist time and space. And quantum mechanics describes the universe on the smallest scale – at the level of the atom. For example, it takes into account such an important characteristic of particles as spin (rotation).

The idea is that the spin of particles interacts with the cosmic time and transfers to it a property called “torsion”. To understand what torsion is, imagine space time in the form of a flexible rod. The flexion of the rod will symbolize the curvature of cosmic time, and twisting-the torsion of space-time.

If the rod is very thin, you can bend it, but see if it is twisted or not, it will be very difficult. The torsion of space-time can be noticeable only in extreme conditions-in the early stages of the existence of the Universe, or in black holes, where it will manifest itself as a force of repulsion, opposite to the gravitational force of attraction, which proceeds from the curvature of space-time.

As follows from the general theory of relativity, very massive objects end in their existence, falling into black holes – areas of space, from which nothing can slip away, even light.

Physicists suggest that our universe exists inside a black hole

At the very beginning of the existence of the Universe, the gravitational attraction caused by the curvature of space will exceed the power of repulsion of the torsion, so that matter will be compressed. But then torsion will become stronger and begin to prevent compression of matter to endless density. And since energy has the ability to turn into mass, an extremely high level of gravitational energy in this state will lead to an intensive formation of particles, which is why the mass inside the black hole will increase.

Thus, the twisting mechanism involves the development of an amazing scenario: each black hole should give rise to a new universe within itself.

If this theory is true, then the matter from which our universe consists of is also brought from somewhere out of the outside. Then our universe should also be formed inside a black hole that exists in another universe, which we have a “parent”.

The movement of matter in this case always occurs only in one direction, which ensures the direction of the time that we perceive as moving the forward. The arrow of time in our universe, thus, is also inherited from the “parental” universe.

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