Postinor or escapel? What’s better?

Postinor and escapel is essentially the same drug. Produced by the same pharmaceutical company. The difference lies in the concentration of the active substance of the levonorgestrel. Postinor must take two tablets when the escapel is only 1. The price of the postinor is two times cheaper. Choice for the buyer.

These are drugs from different generations, they are generally a little incorrect compare them.

Potinor – rude, with possible hard side effects, this is in fact a powerful hormonal blow.

Escapel is the drug of the next generation, it is, firstly more effective, and secondly more sparing for the body.

Although, of course, this is also a hormonal blow, just not a baseball bat, like a postinor, but a batter wrapped in thick fabric, if we draw an analogy)

I always chose an escapel, listened to the advice of the pharmacist in a pharmacy, and everything was wonderful.

It seems to me that the better postinor. In it, the dose of the hormone is divided into 2 doses and for the body this is less stress. But for the postinor, the more stringent frames during which you need to take a tablet. Someone misses this time or at that time accepts the second, so sometimes pregnancies happen. So they believe that postinor supposedly does not help ‘. But the escapel is already one tablet, but containing a huge dose of the horm1. And therefore it can be accepted for three days. Therefore, many doctors talk about escapel so that the patient has time. But the postinor with proper intake is still less harmful than the escapel.

The escapel is more expensive, but definitely more effective from an undesirable pregnancy, since it is enough to accept it only one tablet no later than 72 hours from unprotected sexual contact, and postinor must take two tablets for the same period.Well, their side effects are almost the same, they cannot be absolutely safe.

These drugs have the same active substance – levonorgestrel. Therefore, there is no difference. Postinor and escapel are just different names of different manufacturers. These drugs are intended for emergency contraception, they produce a hormonal ‘storm’ in the body, preventing pregnancy at the earliest stages after unprotected sexual intercourse. They completely violate the hormonal background of the woman and therefore have a lot of side effects. Intended for use only in exceptional cases!

There is no difference in drugs. They are interchangeable, analogues. It is worth looking at their composition. The postinore contains 0.75 mg of levonorgestrel, in the package – two tablets. In the escapel – 1.5 mg of levonorgestrel, only one tablet is already. And if you make everything, you get the same dose of the same substance.

Just from the fact that the number of tablets is different, the reception scheme changes somewhat.

In terms of effectiveness, they are identical, in pricing policy – also.

Therefore, if earlier in such cases, the girl took one tool, but in the absence of the desired in a pharmacy with a calm conscience, it is worth taking another.

Escapel is much stronger and therefore is considered more effective than postinor.

Both drugs are more harmful, but they do not harm more than an abortion (getting rid of unwanted pregnancy). And in case of random incidents (a condom has broken, I forgot to drink a contraceptive tablet and others.) the adoption of one of these drugs is the only correct decision.

The drug ‘postinor’ more sparing in relation to the health of a woman, but not much than the drug ‘Escapel’. Both of them can be very detrimental to female health, as they affect hormones. Refrain from their use – they serve only for the extreme case.

Both drugs have the same active substance – levonorgestrel, which has a very strong effect on the hormonal background of the woman, as a result of which pregnancy does not occur. Side effects of such a means of contraception are very serious. However, now we are not talking about them. PPOs are the same in a big count, and are each other’s analogues. The only thing in the case of the postinor you take two tablets, and the escapel is 1.

As the gynecologist said, the escapel is almost the same as postinor, but a new generation. The drug is modern and does not affect the female body so negatively. I did not notice from myself, the menstruation came without delay, my stomach did not pull compared to the wife. But the price is certainly different. The difference is almost 2 times, but in time you can drink there within 72 hours. In the postinor, the effect is significantly reduced

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