Second cousins and sisters, who is who? Examples?

My husband has only one cousin – he is the son of my husband’s father’s father. Their childhood in the summer passed in the village with their grandparents, so they are very close, almost like native brothers. And now they already have their own children, who are considered to each other second cousin and to whom the grandparents of their fathers are a great -grandmother and great -grandfather. As we see, second cousins and sisters have the same great -grandmother and great -grandfather, but their grandparents are different.

You can get confused in the degree of kinship, but if we talk about second cousins and sisters, this case is far from the most difficult.

You can see the scheme:

Second cousins and sisters, who is who? Examples?

Everything is very simple here. I’ll try to explain to you in a simple way.

Suppose that your dad or mom has sisters and brothers, they will say they have children. Here they will be considered to you cousins or sisters.

Now consider about second cousins and sisters. Let’s say your dad or mother has cousins and sisters. They have children, so they will be a second cousin of brothers or sisters.

So everything is very simple here. I also attach a picture for clarity:

Second cousins and sisters, who is who? Examples?

Oh, well, it’s just at all.

My dad has a native (dad they have a common and mom alone) sister. I have her aunt. Her children to me (just like me) – cousins and sisters. And my and their children are second cousins to each other.

The usual thing.

Thinmers and sisters are also relatives, but not close relatives.

Related ties can be both through the father and mother.

Through the second cousins (sisters) will be children whose parents to each other come accordingly to cousins (sisters).

Or such an explanation:

Second cousins and sisters, who is who? Examples?

The issues of the degree of kinship are sometimes very confusing. Personally, I always confuse the girlfriend and Shurin, how many times I tried to remember, alas, it does not work. As for the brothers and sisters, here, in my opinion. For example, my dad had brother Oleg. Oleg appeared in marriage a son and daughter. For me, they are cousins and sister or in a foreign manner of cousin and cousin. Years passed, the children grew up and became parents themselves, so their kids are my second cousins.

I have only two second cousins and one second cousin of all the living relatives.

They are the children of my father’s cousin, that is, for me already second cousins. The children of daddy and mother’s family brothers and sisters, for me, cousins and sisters, only they are all very far away, I know nothing about some at all.

Thinnes are not very close degree of kinship, but I do not consider them distant, nevertheless my native blood on my father (someone will have a mother).

Thinnome brothers and sisters are our relatives.

Moreover, they come from both mother’s side and daddy.

You can explain this way: your grandmother has a sister (or brother), the children of my grandmother and her sisters are cousins, but you and the children of your mother’s cousin will be second cousin.

I have a lot of second cousins and brothers, I saw some in general several times in my life, with others we communicate much more of10.

Regarding cousins and second cousins, I can report the following. The children of their native brothers and sisters come to each other cousins and sisters.

The children of cousins and sisters come to each other in Torny brothers and sisters.

Everything is almost quite simple and does not cause special confusion.

Your parents have a cousin or brother, and their children will be a second cousin of brothers and sisters, I don’t think that they are right for you, but you know for some, these are also relatives, but I think this is already the same.Kisele ‘:)

The children of cousins and sisters are considered to each other. For example, my father has a cousin, he has a daughter. I have her a second cousin.

You and your second cousins and brothers are the same great-grandmother and great-grandfather.

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