Show ‘fall in love if you can’ final show when it will be? What is the date?

On October 10, 2023, on the TNT television channel, a new show called ‘fall in love if you can’ about love and relationships, something reminiscent of the show “Dom-2 ‘. The final of the show will be held at the end of December 2023, since the show is planned to add five new participants, therefore, the final release falls only on the end of December, and approximately on the 29th day. Good time to complete the first season of the show.

Everyone is asked questions who won the show ‘fall in love if you can’? The show ‘fall in love if you can’ shoot in Cape Town in the summer and in the fall of 2023 and it is reported that the shooting ended,Collecting all the ratings is everything logical, pleases that there is the end of the show, presumably on December 29, 2023 there will be the final of the show ‘fall in love if you can’.Show ‘fall in love if you can’ final show when it will be? What is the date?

Show ‘fall in love if you can in many ways resembles house 2.

Also, a group of young people lives on a beautiful villa (in this show – in Cape Town). Participants spend time in entertainment, pass tests that help them earn money. The monetary prize promises to be impressive. On November 9, he already amounted to 1554000. And this is not the limit. A lot depends on the participants themselves.

As you know, shooting ended on October 8. Filmed the project all summer and the beginning of autumn. So it lasts forever how the boring house will not be.

Started the show on October 10. On November 9, we were shown 18 issue.

Every Thursday the project leaves a guy or girl left without a couple.

In total, 19 people take part in the show. 4 have already left the show, since it was not possible to create a relationship.

At the moment, the show has five pairs and one newcomer without a couple (11 people).

Of the declared participants, four more arrival is expected.

Those who cannot find a couple should be eliminated soon.

The remaining will fight for the main prize. At the same time, they must prove that their relationship is real, not played and not false.

So far it is impossible to suggest anyone who comes to the finals.

Apparently, the final should be expected on the eve of the New Year. Presumably, it will be December 29.

I noticed that many viewers compare the show ‘fall in love if you can’ with a television project ‘Dom2’ and is not for nothing. Project format is very similar to each other. I already thought that the show ‘fall in love if you can’ new replacement of the television project ‘Dom2’. Fortunately this is not the case.

Some sources have information that the shooting of this show has already ended. At the moment, not all participants have come to the show.

Accurate and official information about when there will be no show on television yet. Many suggest that the final will show before the New Year holidays. Presumably the final of the show ‘fall in love if you can’ be released on December twenty -ninth, 2023.

October 10, 2023 on the TNT channel, a new project about the love “fall in love if you can” started. 6 guys and 5 girls came to a luxurious villa in Cape Town to try to fall in love and win a cash prize. Every Monday comes a new member for the project. Each Tuesday is a test for participants where they can earn money in a common bank. Each medium participants undergo a lie detector. Every Thursday, one of the participants left without a couple, leaves the project.

The next Monday, a new participant will come for the project for the last time. Further, the participants will only leave, and the remaining will play the main prize among themselves – all the money earned from the common bank. Only one who was able to fall in love with the project can win.

The final of the show will take place before the New Year. From December 26 to December 29, we will see the latest issues “fall in love, if you can,” and the final will take place on December 29.

Reality – project ‘fall in love if you can’ finish the shooting. Thank God that the project is designed for several weeks, and not for years, as it was with the project “Dom-2 ‘.There are several more participants who should come to the project, and then there will be a ‘competition’ among couples for more ‘strong love’, as the couple will actually fall in love with defeat. And these are feelings, how to check that this is not pretense, not a game, not just a cunningly built plan to make money.

In my opinion, after the project, you need to observe a couple of years for ‘strong love’ before issuing a prize.

One way or another, the project will be finished showing the viewer at the end of December.

Now there is a 4th week (on November 1, 2023). 5 more new participants must arrive, and, approximately, from December 12, only those couples that have been formed stably and will fight for the main prize.

Before the New Year holidays, viewers will see the final of the show in Cape Town on the distant continent Africa.

The project ‘fall in love if you can’ TNT can be released on October 10 and immediately won the viewer’s attention with its somewhat unpredictable rules.

Firstly, the size of the main prize (and this money) will be known only in the final show.

Secondly, the presence of the so-called “lie detector”, with the help of which they check the participants for sincerity.

But in general, the project is very similar to the still popular show ‘House -2’, who moved from TNT to ‘Y’.

Due to the fact that the fuck is “falling in love if you can” end in the African Cape Town in October 2023, this project will not be endless and, approximately, on December 29 we will recognize a couple.

This show started on October 10, 2023. They began to show it on TNT TV channel.

The show ‘fall in love if you can’ on a love theme and even many can see his similarities with the legendary show ‘Dom-2’. If everything goes according to the declared plan, then the final of the show ‘fall in love, if you can’ be held at the end of December. Now they call the approximate date – December 29.

The show ‘fall in love if you can ”keep not only the participants (who are fighting every week for a place in the project), but also viewers who are waiting for his final with interest.

At the moment, it is known that until the end of the project it remains to come to the villa two new participants: one girl (28.11) and one guy (05.12). After that, the gates to the villa in the Cape Town ‘Close’ and the struggle for the money of the project will unfold between the remaining pairs.

Theoretically, 08.12 (on Thursday) the last choice of sympathy will happen, on which the last participant will be forced to leave (who will not be known this “lucky one ‘, but it is clear that he will be very bitter).

The producers of the show announced the estimated date of the final – 29.12. But, something tells me that the money will be played much earlier: after all, between the last departure of the participant and the probable date of the finale will remain for 3 weeks… It is not possible to assume what this airtime can be stretched…

The final of the show fall in love if you can take place at the end of December, t.To. Six more people who should come to the project surfaced. Next week another new girl will come and the project will go in the same format, one comes, one leaves. It is expected that the new participants who will replenish the show: Eleanor Alibaev, Dmitry Anokhin, Muhammad Bittuev, Alexandra Poloer, Nikolai Serdyukov, Eduard Checherin, Anastasia Yarovikova.

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