Slobes and pliers: similarities and differences of two types of tools

Slobes and pliers: similarities and differences of two types of tools

A large number of tools are sometimes similar to each other, but of different in their intended purpose and area of application can be at a standstill of a non -professional. Often questions arise in relation to pliers and pliers. We suggest in this article to figure out what are the differences in these tools, and for what work they are suitable.

Slobes and pliers: similarities and differences of two types of tools


Passatigi buy in Minsk https: // tm.By/Ploskogubcy-I-Passatizhi, you can bypassing the specified link, they are available in the set or as a separate tool. They are used in the process of locksmith and electrical work. For the latter, tools with isolated handles are used, which eliminates any risk of electric shock during electrical installation. Thanks to the solid seizure of the part and its reliable retention, the passathy functions can perform the functions of the sidebuilding, nippers and pliers, allowing you to do without the purchase of the listed products.


Plakhobes – a specialized manual tool for locksmith and installation work, equipped with a truncated shape with a notch along the inside. Thanks to its application, the tool allows you to reliably hold a narrow or flat part during its leveling or bending. Depending on the orientation on the performance of specific working manipulations, pliers can have an isolated coating on the handles and the different length and width of the working part.

Differences between tools

Entering one group of hinge-lobe instrument and possessing external similarities, pliers and pliers have a number of differences:

  • On the inner surface of the pliers there are characteristic recesses with a notch for convenient retention of round parts. In the pliers, the inner surface is flat, which ensures the clutch of the tool with the part when trying to give it a curved shape.
  • The width of the spawn of the plots of the pliers is the same along the entire length. In the pliers, the geometric parameters of the sponges can change with the calculation of the dimensions of a particular part.
  • Passatii can be used to perform any installation work, while the pliers are “sharpened” for certain operations with metal elements and are useless for other manipulations.

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