SMS from Facebook: follow the link, entrance to Instagram, these are scammers?

I think that it is worth contacting the support service, because if you have not requested any codes, links, etc., then fraudsters did it more likely. Do not follow this link, but contact the support service.

Since all nonsense was written on the Internet and did not shine with his mind, I will answer myself. And the request not to repeat my answers, otherwise the ban is provided to you!!

So, yesterday, when I woke up in the evening, I found in my phone 2 SMS suspicious content on the topic:

Allegedly, you need to follow the link, the beginning of which is similar to Instagram, and it ends in no know what is, that is, this is the IG, in order to gain access to enter Instagram (your account, tied to this number, supposedly, etc.D.)

The problem is that I do not use anything like that, I have Instagram and even several registered, but deleted, right now 1 profile is active, and this has nothing to do with me at all, since I did not order any passwords and data restoration.

What do we have?

Why exactly Facebook sent this SMS about the entrance to Instagram. Someone will say, maybe your Instagram profile is tied to Facebook, yes, one profile was attached to me.

But that’s not the point.

Facebook bought an Instagram network, and now they have one owner, which means that SMS from Instagram can come to you with the name of Facebook, there is nothing surprising in this.

And now the second question is why I, who did not order anything, has come this code or link.

The conclusion is one:

SMS from Facebook: follow the link, entrance to Instagram, these are scammers?

So, in no case do we cross these links, this link can steal anything, I suspect.

The second version is already my personal, that there is no one to steal and nobody needs my empty Instagram, but Facebook, whose page I already lead the second!! and quite popular, as I promote it, and recently started it…My first page was also quite popular, and even more popular with 3,000 friends with a maximum of Facebook – 5,000 friends (I explained – I spun my group, profile, a little activity in copywriting, as they call it here, and also played the game in which we need itFriends).

So, after the case when Arabs-gangsters were breaking into my friends and in a personal, I deleted that profile and started a new one, now I just add friends, and as it turned out, I already have 1.5 thousand of them. there now.

So, the profile is popular, especially since active people, recently recently, so someone wanted to hack my Facebook, and not Instagram, which nafig did not fall empty and one-day. I think so.

Due to the fact that they wanted to hack my facebook, they sent me these SMS. And this can be far from people from Russia, most often scammers from other countries, the same Arabs who use pages for recruiting citizens in the organizations prohibited in the Russian Federation, and even if they cannot attract a person to these organizations and join Islam,then they can send you prohibited materials or even satisfy their physical needs by communicating with you, that is, sexual needs. I described more about this about this in my review on the old Facebook page, who is interested, please read a lot of information there, how to protect yourself.

SMS I erased by removing several conversations, without going into the messages themselves after, so as not to press anything by accident and nothing else has come. But the farther the popularity is, the more it will be hacked, so sometimes it makes sense to connect a two -factor authorization, or confirmation of the entrance using the phone on its profile.

Most likely, SMS is harmful, after opening with a high probability you will be finally hacking the method of social engineering. I recommend it, change the passwords to put a two -factor authentication on Facebook by the application, it will not be superfluous to check the history of sessions.

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