Solzhenitsyn ‘Bell of Uglich’, what a summary, topic, idea, genre?

The Uglich Bell is a small story written by Solzhenitsyn, which is included in the collection of ‘tiny’. In the work, the author of the story describes the history of the bell of Uglich. For its prolonged existence, the bell was moved from a swim to Tobolsk, from the place of sending to the place of arrival, convicted Uglits. But after a long time, the bell was sent to its former place, before that he was in the Tobolsk Kremlin in a small chapel. The author describes how he hit the bell at his original place in the temple of Demetrine-Blood.

Although the author does not use personification in his story, the reader can understand that the main idea of his work is to identify a bell with a living person. In order to show this, the author uses such words in relation to the bell as: ‘beaten with whips’, ‘pardoned to return’, ‘served his three hundred summer periods’. Thus, in the story the bell is shown as a living creature.

This work was written by Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn in 1997 and describes the author of the author with a famous bell in the city of Uglich.

It is a mini-story.

The volume is very small, the content can be transferred with several sentences, but the meaning of the work is deep.

In Uglich, the writer meets with the famous bell, whose story is full of events, sometimes very tragic. The author managed to see the chapel in Tobolsk, where the bell was exiled. And then Alexander Solzhenitsyn got into the temple of Dmitry-on blood, where the bell again took its rightful place.

He even happened to hit this legend bell.

Theme is the legendary bell.

The idea of the work, it seems to me, is that in difficult times with a bell ringing, the whole Russian people rose to protect the land of their native. The bell called, warning of troubled times, an invasion of enemies, sad events…

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