Sorting Center South Gate, Vildberryz store, where is located?

The online store Wildberris today is one of the largest sites for the sale of various products through the Internet.

It is logical that for the normal, uninterrupted functioning of the site, not only points of delivery of goods, but also warehouses where the goods will be shipped are needed.

Sorting Center South Gate, Vildberryz store, where is located?

After ordering the goods in the Wildberris online store, its status can be tracked in your personal account.

As a rule, the delivery of goods is carried out quickly, literally two to three days. But it all depends on what warehouse the goods are on, how far it is on the issuance point.

Including there is a sorting center South Gate, which is a representative of the largest transport company in Russia – SDEK. This company collaborates with Vildberris.

The address of the sorting center ‘South Gate’ is this: the city of Moscow, the 19th kilometer, 20 possession, building 1.

In principle, delivery from this warehouse is carried out without delay.

On the Weildberris website, in your personal account, in the status of an order, it is not rare to see information that your product is in the southern gates of the MP partner, either sorted or shipped.

This means that the package is located in the sorting center of the Wildberries online store located at G. Moscow, Moscow Ring Road, 19th kilometer, ownership 20, building 1.

The deadlines for the goods in this sorting center can be from one day, to a week.

Sorting Center South Gate, Vildberryz store, where is located?

Wildberris is the largest online hypermarket where you can buy literally everything in the world. This marketplace develops very quickly and rapidly. It is unlikely that we can say exactly how much Wildberry of warehouses and sorting centers have. The logistics network of the Wildberries marketplace is constantly expanding, all new objects are opened to speed up the process of getting goods from the manufacturer to the consumer.

In addition to their own sorting centers, Wildberris has partners throughout Russia. For example, the active partner WB is the transport company SDEK. Sorting Center South Gate belongs to SDEK.

Sorting Center South Gate, Vildberryz store, where is located?

To simplify the processing of orders and increase logistics points, Marketplais Weildberris (some write it as Valberis) since 2023 began to connect the power of the SDEK operator to his power. This allowed the SDEC to increase its load, and Wildberries expand logistics. Therefore, individual sorting centers received a partner in the title.

Sorting Center South Gate, Vildberryz store, where is located?

Wildberris is the largest, like ozone, online – a store where there is a huge range of goods. Of course, one of the main factors in order for customers to continue to order goods, the speed of delivery is. Usually it is two to three days, and in order to maintain such a delivery speed, you need to have several warehouses in each region of our country.

Often in the status you can see that the product is located at the sorting center of the south gate and many are interested in where it is located.

As it turned out, he is in the city of Moscow, on the 19th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road, ownership 20. The center itself has a huge sign and it will not be difficult to find it.

The sorting center South Gate is a partner of the Wirldberries store, it is through it that thousands come to us, if not millions of goods daily, thanks to his employee, we can quickly purchase home goods, something as a gift to our relatives or friends, or simply necessary trifles, yesAnd not only little things.

Most often, when tracking goods and their delivery on the Wirldberries website, you can see such inscriptions as “Sort South Gate” and “SC southern gates”, the latter just and therefore the fact that your order is already shipped and will soon go to the order of issuance of the order.

The center itself is essentially a representation of a large transport company of the Russian Federation – SDEK, which is closely cooperating in terms of delivery of orders from Wirldberries, but does not work on the SC regularly, even on weekends and holidays, you should not be surprised, the service sector is constantly working.

Due to cooperation with such SC, Wirldberries saving on hiring its new employees, thus the costs of delivery are reduced.

The SC is located on the territory of the same shopping complex on the 19th kilometer of the MKAD highway, not far from Moscow.

Sorting Center South Gate, Vildberryz store, where is located?

It is not surprising that the name of the southern gate is quite popular. This is because with this name there is an international bus station in Moscow. He took over the whole stream from the Shchelkovo bus station when he was on the reconstruction, the station itself was opened in 2015 at private investors. Why South is also clear -he carries out transportation in the direction of the southern regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS and vice versa. As a continuation of the infrastructure of the territory nearby built a shopping center and opened SDEK warehouses with the same name. Here’s about this sorting center the south gate and speech in this matter.

Located on the 19th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road between the Fedrasses “Ural” M5 and “Don” M4 . Since it is part of a transport company, VILDBERRIZ goods are not delayed for a long time.

Wildberris has a very large sales volume, so the store’s transport logistics should be at a very good level so that every buyer can get his order as soon as possible.

Naturally, part of this transport logistics are sorting centers.

One of them is SC South Gate, which is a partner of Weildberris.

Its location is Moscow, 19 kilometers of the MKAD, VL. 20, structure 1.

Typically, the buyer is interested in the whereabouts of this SC in terms of whether the parcel will come soon. As a rule, for a long time it does not lie in this center and in a day or two it goes directly to the buyer. But in some case the goods may be there and 3-5 days.

Sorting center called the ‘South Gate’ located in the TC South Gate, MKAD, 19th km, Vl., 20, p. 1.

The sorting center is located at the SDEK delivery service, the Wildberries MarketPlace Fulfilment Partner.

After receiving and processing the goods in the warehouse, it is sent straight to the nearest sorting center in Koleno or Podolsk.

If you live nearby and saw such an order status, this means that your product will be delivered to the nearest issue in the shortest possible time.

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