Spinner is poorly spinning. What could be the problem?

Spinner can spin poorly due to various reasons. Therefore, before doing something, you need to determine what exactly happened to your favorite toy)

Causes of poor spinner scrolling

1) poor low -quality bearing.

2) not enough lubrication.

3) dirt got into the bearing.

What to do? First you should try to rinse the bearing. Take the syringe (better thinner), inject it a little gasoline or kerosene into the gap between the button and the bearing. Scroll several times. You can even use gasoline for lighters, this is not fundamentally.

Then add a little grease. In no case do not use sunflower oil for this or God forbid the melted butter or margarine.

And yet – perhaps it only seems to you that the spinner is poorly spinning, since there is no single speed for all spinners handle, it is individual and depends on the specific model. Here is a sign, compare your indicators with it, it is possible that your spinner should spin that way, and your neighbor just has a completely different model and, accordingly, spins differently.

Spinner is poorly spinning. What could be the problem?

The fact that spinner is poorly spinning both with bought and home -made. There may be several reasons and the point is not a malfunction, but rather that there was no proper care behind the toy, it got dust, dirt, water or too much lubricant on the bearing.

Of course, of course, the bearing itself is out of order, but I will not dwell on this in detail, read Here.

How to correct the situation?

  • Remove the bearing and see what is the problem. If a lot of lubrication is simply rinse it with the same gasoline or kerosene. You can’t use everything else, that is, craftsmen who pour sunflower oil or washed under water.
  • If it does not allow the mud to the bearing normally, then clean it from it.
  • To spin the toy can also be well if the bearing is rusted, then I advise you to just change it.
  • Little lubricant, can also be the cause of poor rotation. Then you need to lubricate the bearing, for this one drop is enough.

Spinner is poorly spinning. What could be the problem?Spinner is poorly spinning. What could be the problem?

Spinner Over time, it may stop spinning as before due to the fact that dirt, sand and dust fall into the central bearing. In this case, you need to remove the lid and shake well Spinner, to extract accumulated garbage. It is desirable to carry out this procedure on a regular basis – about once every two weeks. After cleaning, the bearings need to be lubricated.

Another reason why Spanner ceases to spin is the damage to the bearing. In this case, you will have to replace it with a new or simply purchase another spinner.

Also learn about why Spinner is poorly spinning You can from this video:

Perhaps, in the manufacture, a faulty bearing was used or dirt or sand fell into it, which prevent him from spinning well. Try lubricate the bearing, for this you can use the VD-40 spray

If you succumbed to the general insanity of spinners 🙂 and acquired this “miracle” to yourself, then your joy may be short -lived. Spinner can spin badly. This happens over time or immediately after the purchase. There may be several reasons, the most common are the first, poor -quality unbalanced spinner, which has a cheap Chinese bearing.Second: a bearing can have a lot of lubrication (oil, fuel oil), which slows down the rotation process. And the third – the bearing can be polluted over time.

How to make a spinner spin faster?

You need to clean the bearing of excess lubrication. Acetone is suitable for this, a varnish removal, for example. You need to get the bearing from the spinner and dip in the solution for several minutes.

Also with contaminants – you need to treat the bearing with a removal tool.

Spinner will spin faster 🙂

maybe the bearings are poorly fixed or slightly fall out. just push them a little inward so that they are in the middle.

You can use the familiar to many motorists Vesushka (grease WD – 40).

Sometimes the spinner spins poorly, on the contrary, because of excessive lubrication. In this case, the solution to the problem is the removal of excess. Do not forget to periodically clean the balls (bearings), which ‘forcing us to play, this toy is spinning.

True, the matter does not always lie in the lubricant. Most often, the problem lies in bearings: their incorrect installation, rust, etc.

It is possible that you will have to replace.

Just yesterday, a spinner came to me with Aliexpass, which practically did not spin. I am writing this for the fact that it is possible that many also encounter such a problem. It seems to be new and there is nowhere to get dirt, but not spinning.

It was not even a lubricant (it can be a lot, in any case, this problem is easily solved by additional lubrication or removal of excess lubrication with gasoline, acetone, etc.D.). It turned out that the bearing simply stands incorrectly, unevenly: for example, on the one hand it stuck stronger than on the other. The husband’s skillful hands were carefully pressed on the bearing (for some reason I didn’t succeed), he got into place and spinner spun at excellent speed.

The problem is most likely in the bearing. You can try to clean and insert back, or if a spinner with 3 adds. Change places with bearings. This should help, there may also be a problem in the balance sheet, but you can’t do anything here.

The fact that Spinner began to spin well associated primarily with the bearing. It can be contaminated, it can also be too abundantly lubricated.

Therefore, you need to disassemble the spinner and clean the bearing from the dirt / remove the lubricant.

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