Story why I love autumn (grade 2) how to compose?

Story why I love autumn (grade 2) how to compose?

Perhaps every class teacher has a story on the topic ‘Why I love autumn’ is written with its goal. And in our class, using the example of this story, the teacher checked how the students mastered the division of the text into paragraphs.

Since everyone now has the Internet, good parents, so that the story of the fall of their child is not worse, turn to the help of an all -powerful web.

As a result, at the parental meeting, the class teacher, with her inherent humor and delicacy, said that she was read out all night with the works of her students about the beauty of autumn, but she put the five in only one job.

It was a story from several simplest sentences, including:

  • entry (one sentence),
  • A couple of proposals about what is good this time,
  • Conclusion (one sentence).

But it was divided into three parts, and each was written from the red line.

Example of the story:

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year.

Leaves on trees and shrubs turn yellow and blush. In the fall, leaf fall begins. This is the time of harvesting. In the fall, many beautiful and healthy vegetables and fruits.

I really love autumn!

The story ‘why I love autumn’ You can write like this:

Story why I love autumn (grade 2) how to compose?

The story ‘for what I love autumn’ 2nd grade in literature or Russian language:

I love autumn because this is a very colorful time of the year. In the fall, people begin to harvest, and students go to school. For many guys, the first school classes begin and they become more serious and responsible.

In early autumn, it is still warm, like late summer, and at the end of autumn there is already a lot of snow, like in winter. Therefore, the autumn climate is very interesting and diverse. First, trees take off their colorful gold outfits, and then they put on warm snowy fur coats. Autumn is the eve of funny winter days, for this I love autumn.

Story why I love autumn (grade 2) how to compose?

I love autumn because my birthday is in the fall!

Autumn, I like more than any other time of the year, because there is no longer such a strong heat, but frosts have not yet come. In the fall, there are often quiet calm days, when the air is clean and transparent, and it’s so far that it seems large mountains on the edge of the sky become closer and clearly.

And of course, autumn is the time of the crop – mature apples and berries, mushrooms and nuts. Fragrant hay smells of all summer meadow smells. In the fall, good fishing.

In the fall, I again meet my classmates after the summer holidays. We exchange impressions and plans for the next summer.

The hot summer ended and the golden autumn came.

The trees dressed in a beautiful yellow-buzzed outfit.

The leaves are spinning and falling to the ground.

From a multi -colored carpet on the ground, hesitates in the eyes.

Soon to the school where I will see my classmates.

I love autumn for the last warm days before winter.

For the rain, which is outside the window.

I’m at home and I’m warm.

I love leaf fall and leaves spinning in a whirlwind.

Autumn is an intermediate season, the transition from hot summer to cold winter. At this time, nature is preparing for a protracted rest, falls asleep after active flowering, growth and riot.

The autumn months are beautiful in that it is no longer so hot, but still warm for comfortable walks. It is impossible to sit at home when colorful yellow, crimson trees compete in beauty with bright asters, dahlias, and late berries on the street. I love autumn for the opportunity to stand under the leaf fall in the light of the soft sun, burn a fire with adults on a picnic, wander along the fallen leaves collected in snowdrifts.

But even more autumn I love for replacing snow foliage snowdrifts soon real, from fluffy soft snow. And the time will begin to sank, snowballs and New Year’s gifts.

Autumn-beautiful time. I really love autumn. On the trees you can see multi -colored leaves. They can be like red, yellow, orange or crimson. I really like the foliage rustling under my feet.

I also like to collect beautiful leaves in the fall. I put them in a vase, from some leaves I make autumn compositions.

In the fall, there is often rain, there is fog, but this does not prevent me from walking on the street, because I put on rubber boots and feel free to run along the puddles.

Autumn-marginal season.

Too abstruse did not write a story, but at the level of the second grade, I think it will come.

Well, I love autumn, because it’s not as cold as in winter.

In the fall, mushrooms grow a lot in the forest and I often collect with my parents.

In the fall, beautiful leaves on trees.

I go to school in the fall and will study and play with friends.

In the fall, my birthday is and give me a lot of gifts.

I love autumn just like summer and spring, and why, I wrote to you, now fifth

I am waiting.

I like autumn. Each person can like this time of year for various reasons. I like autumn because it stains the trees in bright colors: yellow, red, red. On the street during this period it is very beautiful. Also in the fall after the rain you can go to the forest for mushrooms. And in the fall I can get my favorite rubber boots and go to measure them the depth of the nearest puddle. It is very funny.

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