Test: What to do to reduce salt consumed at home?

Excess salt leads to moisture delayed in the body, increased blood pressure, the formation of edema and other troubles. In addition, salt negatively affects the work of the kidneys and violation of metabolic processes in the body. What to do to reduce the consumption of this product? First of all, try to exclude from the diet and canned products. It is clear that you can’t do it is to replace the salt with a glutamate of sodium, since this supplement is an amplifier of taste and can cause even greater harm to the body than salt. Do not salt food at all and put the salt shaker on the table is also not entirely correct, since food can be overpassed. The best way out is to moderately salt food during cooking, and remove the salt shaker from the table.

The correct answer is on the first line:

Test: What to do to reduce salt consumed at home?
Test: What to do to reduce salt consumed at home?

The question on the basics of healthy nutrition affects the topic of reducing the consumption of salt of the house. We look at what kind of answers are offered.

It’s no secret that sodium glutamate is an amplifier of taste and causes much more harmful addiction than salt itself. Replacing an awl with soap in this case is very fraught. We immediately mark such an option.

About individual salting – not everything is so smooth. Even in training materials we meet the following phrase:

Test: What to do to reduce salt consumed at home?

Therefore, independent dosage ‘to taste’ will not lead to the desired result.

A more significant decrease in the consumed amount of salt will be if you remove the ability to surrender and reduce the amount of those products on the table that contain hidden salt. The first option is the closest to effective measures

Test: What to do to reduce salt consumed at home?

This allows people to independently control the amount of salt that they consume, and slowly reduce it in the process. This can be a more effective way to reduce salt consumption, since the forced complete exclusion of salt from the diet can be difficult for some people due to significant changes in the taste of dishes.

The best answer option is to cook all the dishes without salt and put a salt shaker on the table so that you can add salt to taste.

Yes, this is all good, but you can’t remove everything at once, do it gradually. And also exclude semi -finished products, sausages, canned food. They also have a lot of salt

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