The average fire is what?

Often not all gas and electric plates have divisions indicating the temperature. Moreover, there are no such signs on the oven not always. Therefore, if you need to prepare something on a comfort and in the recipe there is just such a wording, then select a comfort for just the size of the bottom of the utensils used (for a large 28-centimeter pan in the diameter of the second in size, it may not be enough). And already on this comfort, scroll the handle to the average indicator.

For the smallest burner, the maximum level of gas will be approximately identical – it will correspond to the average level mentioned in the recipe.

For the oven, where most often the temperature is adjustable from 120-140 degrees to 240, the average fire will be installed by the handle by 180-190 degrees

There are simply a huge selection of household appliances in stores now, for example, the plate can be gas or work from electricity. For the convenience of preparation, there may be a grill, convection and other devices in order to facilitate the cooking process, and the dish turned out to be tasty and without flaw. Several modes of the fire regulator are very convenient, because having expanded the desired fire mode, you will definitely be sure that the dish will reach readiness, but at the same time will not burn and will not dry out. If we are talking about 6 modes, then 3 and 4 can be considered average. If I see in the recipe the words ‘medium fire’, then I put the flag of the stove first to the fourth position, wait for warming up, and then slow it down, turning it into a third.

In culinary recipes, they rather write about the need to put a pan, pan or turn on the oven on medium fire.

This means that the fire should not be too large, in which the liquids are seething, and dry foods are burned, and not too small, in which the products heat up to a minimum.

In the event that the plate has six heating modes, then in order to make the so -called medium fire, you need to choose the third or fourth mode. If the fourth mode is too large, then change the mode to the smaller.

About what the temperature should be when using the oven is described below.

The average fire is what?

Middle Fire is the middle if there are no divisions in your plate or any other problems.

The smallest fire is when you put it on a minimum – this is a small fire. But the average will correspond to the number 4. My plate has four modes, so the average will be 2 mode.

If we talk about degrees, then medium fire is an ox 170-180 degrees.

But it should be understood that all these indicators are arbitrary, because the stove is discord, and even the comforts themselves are different, on the smallest medium fire can already be 5.

In the oven, too, in different ways, everyone has a temperature, someone is already on average, but someone may not bake.

Electric plates often have a six -speed regulation of the degree of heating.

The average fire is what?

The plate in our kitchen has 3 positions: 1.2.3 and three intermediate ones: 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and 0 (shutdown), respectively. For our plate, medium fire is position 2.

Therefore, for medium heating, we set the heating regulator to the double, 2.

Although at first I always expose the heat regulator at 3 to accelerate the preparation of the dish, and I switch to the deuce before boiling. Before the end of cooking, I generally turn off the tiles, because the burners – pancakes have a decent inertia. The dish is welded on a long -cool burner.

Electric stove is now a mandatory attribute of the kitchen. If the kitchen plate has 6 heating modes, then modes 1, mode 2 is used for slow (weak) heating. Roasting or passing comes from T ~ 105 ° C to t ~ 115 ° C.

Mode 3 already moderate fire with the temperature of heating t ~ 120 ° C.

Mode 4, which is the question, the average heating with a heat temperature of 150 ° C).

Strong heating, mode 5, very strong heating, mode 6, for quick heating of a saucepan or pan.

Of course, temperature numbers are quite conditional, depend on the current voltage of the network

The medium fire is characterized by light boiling of the liquid, a lightwood of the product in a pan (the oil is not sprayed).

Medium fire is a rather relative concept, since modern plates have a lot of operation modes. But as for the temperature itself, medium fire is considered a temperature not higher than 500 degrees in the oven itself, and as for adjusting the temperature itself manually, we put the toggle switch in the middle.

A very interesting question – ‘The average fire is what?‘, for a novice cook.

When I learned to cook, I also had many strange questions, for example, such as:

  • At what temperature the water boils?
  • How to cook eggs?
  • What is the best wash tool?

The average fire is what?

What a medium fire how many degrees? Often this is written in culinary recipes – to cook (fry, extinguish, in a word, cook) over medium heat, but what is it, how to understand? Roughly speaking, this is so – the burner should not be warmed up above 500 degrees Celsius in its very center and 275 degrees Celsius on average. If there are a temperature control regulator with values, then we take their average range.

If your plate is 6 modes, then for medium fire (unexpectedly) you need to put on 3-4 mode. Generally speaking, medium fire is considered the temperature on the plate of about 180-225 degrees, focus on this (most likely on the stove or in the instructions for the slab, it is written what temperature corresponds to each mode).

‘At the plate of 6 modes’

Well, put 3-4 modes. The most middle and there is.

Although these recommendations in the recipes are so approximate, ‘+-lapet’ that they should not be oriented.

Medium fire is approximately 180-220 ° C. Below – moderate, above – already strong fire.

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