The color of Nero (Nero) is what?

This color is rich in black and no other. The darkest color so. Also, the name of the color of Nero (black) can usually be seen not only in the catalogs of the linen, but also on packages of tights (there is also Black color).

Color ‘Nero’ is a black classic color. This color designation can often be seen on the package of tights and underwear. I don’t know why these foreign words, when there are suitable words in the Russian language. Such an inscription on pantyhose of domestic production is especially amusing.

On this site you can see other colors.

Nero’s color translated from Italian is just black. Suitable for almost any clothes, except bright. One but – ugly puffs on them.

By the way, Italian tights are excellent, but now they cannot be found almost on sale, only China, Russia and so on.

The name of such a color as Nero I often see when I choose tights, as in my opinion this is the most ordinary black color.

And my kuma (by the way, just sells tights) claims that the color of Nero is not quite black, it seems like there are small intersperses of silver in this color.

Honestly, considering these intersperses not so simple, so for me it is an ordinary black color.

Nero is a dark gloomy color.

Mostly associated with black:

Portare il Nero – walk in mourning, wear mourning

Anima nra – a villain, black soul.

Vedere Tutto Nero – to see everything in black, to be a pessimist

In relation to linen, this is sexy

I don’t know why, but very often on tights, the designations of flowers go in Italian, even if these are Chinese tights)) Nero in Italian – this is only black color. Now blacks of black fashionable fashionables are practically not worn.

Nero translated black, so this is black.

Being a fan of football, I often hear how sports commentators use nicknames given by fans to their teams, like Rosso-Neri, Bianco-Neri and others. Here we are talking about Italian football clubs and colors of their forms. Rossoneri is ‘Milan’, their colors are red-black, and Bianoneri (white-black) call the Turin ‘Juventus’. So Neri (Neri) is a black color in Italian, and Nero (Nero) is the same black color, but already in Spanish.

I often stumble upon this color when I buy my girlfriend tights (yes, it happens).

As a result, for myself I determined that this is a black color. But people who are less in color by me say that this is black in combination with silver, which I can not see at Nero at all.

Here is an example – everything seems to be the same, but the colors are different:

The color of Nero (Nero) is what?

Nero color (Nero) is a real black color and nothing else. The fact is that even in translation it means that it is “black”, or rather, the first meaning for the word is “black”. So looking at the catalogs and seeing the inscription Nero, you can be sure that we are talking about a rich black shade.

The color of Nero (Nero) is what?

Nero color is black, which often refers to the color of underwear or tights. The origin of the word is Italian. We would be more familiar to the designation in English (Black). However, the NERO designation is often found, so many already know about its meaning.

The color of Nero (Nero) is what?

Nero (nero) translated from Italian means as black. It is customary to designate many of the underwear by the color of the Nero. Most likely this designation, more suitable for underwear. Many people really see a gray -haired or silver tint in it.

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