“The kindest evening” – where is the phrase? Whose words are these?

In the days of the USSR, it was and was broadcast to a large audience, such a cult humorous program for family viewing as a ‘zucchini ’13 chairs’, so a phrase that interests you in terms of your origin, first sounded there. Nowadays, this phrase was steadily repeated and used by the video blogger Faramir.

This phrase is familiar to both old and young. Used in everyday life quite of10.

People of the older generations recall the expression as a greeting from the Soviet television program ‘Kwarkon ’13 chairs’, while young Internet lovers often hear her from blogger Firamer.

Good health to everyone!

Once blogger Firamir was very popular. The youngsters stared by his vidos. He usually started them from the words:

The “kindest evening”.

The most interesting thing is that the teenagers immediately tied these words to the blogger: ‘As Feramir says’.

But in fact, the blogger borrowed them from Zinovy Vysokovsky. Pan Zyuzi in the program ‘Rucawa 13 chairs’. That is, this phrase is already at least 50 years old!

This is how history borders on modernity, and in terms of language, and just communication. But this phrase did not take root. When she was first said, I was not yet, and when the bloggers began to speak again, she did not arouse interest to me, because, in general, I don’t really read the bloggism.

In general, the phrase ‘good evening’ has long been popular, in their speech it is used by many famous people representing a variety of activities. Personally, I have it associated with one of the participants know the dance project on the TNT channel, his name is Mikhail Kilimchuk. Bright, shocking and talented, he often went on stage with the “kindest evening ”. But the author of this phrase dance is certainly not. This greeting appeared much earlier than Misha. In 1970, there was a “zucchini 13 chairs” beloved by the Soviet people, it was in it that this phrase sounded for the first time.

The Crown phrase of Pan Zyuzi performed by actor Zinoviy Vysokovsky in the comedy program “The Kutcracker 13 Chairs”, which sounded like “the kindest evening” was borrowed by the blogger Firamir, thereby transferring her from the Soviet era to the modern. “The kindest evening” – where is the phrase? Whose words are these?

This phrase is now perceived as a good greeting.

Although the phrase after it was pronounced winged and many often use it in speech.

This phrase originated even during the Soviet Union in a television program with the name ‘zucchini 13 chairs’.

Now this phrase is actively used by the blogger Faramira.

The phrase can even be called a meme.

“The kindest evening” – where is the phrase? Whose words are these?

This phrase from the famous Soviet television program, which was shown while still the USSR. Many watched her, many remember her from the older generation. This program was called ‘Obbak ’13 chairs’, and specifically this episode from the release of the 1970s. The younger generation could hear this phrase from the famous early video blogger Faramir (not to be confused with the character from the Vireda Rings)

This phrase came from the Soviet Union and still fixed, becoming truly a common.

And for the first time it was uttered on the Soviet body of the program “The zucchini 13 chairs”. To be completely accurate, it was taken from the episode of the years dated 1970.

This phrase is used even by modern bloggers, for example Faramir.

This is what a good phrase means, in a good television program.

At the time of the Soviet Union, there was such a rather popular program as “zucchini, 13 chairs”, if even more specific, then we are talking about the episode from this program shot back in 1970.

Now this phrase is also used, for example, this phrase is actively used by the blogger Faramira.

In my opinion, this is a greeting from the television program 1960-70gg.’Zucchini 13 chairs’. But who came with this phrase I do not remember. It seems that it was a pan athlete, not sure, but all the same it was one of the male characters.

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