The more efficient to wash feces?

The main thing is to wash immediately, as noticed, and, in no case, not to leave even for a short time, t.To. It will be much more difficult to remove.

First, the dirty thing must be washed well with water. Then soap the spot with soap and wash. Usually this is enough, at least I had no problems with this. But if the spot still remains, then you can resort to the help of the stain remover (sparing for color things). Vanish (vanish) helps in this case. It must be applied a little on the spot, leave for 15-20 minutes. Then, wash again (in the typewriter) with the addition of a slightly stain to the washing powder to the washing powder. The more efficient to wash feces?

If it so happened that your child stained clothes with feces, do not worry it can be removed.

For these purposes, you can use laundry soap.

First you need to wash off the feces from clothes, and then soap it well with soap and leave it for exposure to some time.

After an hour, one and a half, clothes can be washed.

As a rule, if you get clothes at once, then there will be no trace of feces on the clothes.

When there are small children in the house, this phenomenon is quite frequent.

It is better to immediately beland such things, and not leave for later.

First, under running water, wash off everything that can be washed off, then take a piece of laundry soap andwell. Leave let it lie down for 20-30 minutes. After well, we rinse well. If the stain from the feces does not wash out, then soak in Vanish.

The first rule is that I pierce all possible dirt with cold water, then I take ordinary laundry soap, soap the spot and put it in a basin with water. I leave at least half an hour, and sometimes at night. In the morning I throw it into a washing machine. Usually there is no trace of poop.

I do not use stains.

The feces are washed It is easy enough if it is not dried, but to wash it right away as it happened.

First, wash off all the most “fat” with ordinary running water from under the tap, and then a glossed place should be soap with ordinary household soap and left to bit ‘minutes for 15-20 minutes.

Then just slightly swing your hands a flashing place and everything can either be thrown into a washing machine if you are preparing to wash soon or rinse well under the tap and hang it.

Personally, it always helps me in such cases Ordinary laundry soap and I have never resorted to the help of various stains.

The more efficient to wash feces?

The laundry washes well. When the children were small, I used it. But since it does not smell very well, then either soaked in washing powder, or laundered already with baby soap, or washed in a washing machine. But you must wash your hands first. Without this there will be a spot.

Wipe the feces with ordinary household soap and do it as quickly as possible. It is best to immediately rinse the thing under running water and then grate the stain with soap. Then all this should be left for a short time in a bowl or a basin and after about half an hour you can hand over manually.

The main thing is to completely beland the linen, otherwise there will be a spot. First, wash in water, then with soap. This usually helps. If you still do not wash out, then you can try with soap Antipantin or vanish. If it’s simple cotton underwear. Then you can boil with a piece of soap. Boiling usually removes any spots.

Soak and seal immediately, without waiting for drying out. Either immediately pour a dirty place with a powder or a remedy like Vanish, and leave for five to ten minutes. Or start rubbing your hands.

I would not throw it into the washing room, I don’t really wash it off, only with my hands. Well, it was like that 🙂

The first is not to run before drying, but to start to wash right away in fact. The feces itself will relieve water, of course flowing. And the traces of feces are soap with household soap, let the panties or pants will be discouraged in 10 or in 15 minutes. Then easily wash out what is left, manually.

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