The tragedy “Zhadul”: how convicts “bred” women for money and love

The tragedy “Zhadul”: how convicts “bred” women for money and love

Making fraud in prison is not uncommon for our realities. Having landed for bars, the Entertakers need scarce things, cigarettes and drugs, money “on the common fund”, but you never know … but there is nowhere to take them. Unless the unfamiliar woman, previously brought to the correct condition.

Any woman can become a victim of a fraudster: with and without education, beautiful or low -sympathetic. Zeki know what points to put on in order to “wait” to agree to everything.

Factrum tells why women are on beautiful letters and messages from the z1.

The tragedy “Zhadul”: how convicts “bred” women for money and love

Who are the “correspondence”, “waited” and “real wives”

In the days of the USSR, “correspondence men” called those women who actively corresponded with prisoners, succumbing to their beautiful words. Over time, these ladies received a new nickname – “waited”, but they did not stop calling them with correspondence, because they twist their “relatives” in absentia, at a distance.

“Waits” are women who not only maintain contact with the prisoners, but also expect their liberation from places of imprisonment. They make plans for a joint future, come to prison with hotels, sometimes carry prohibited things. In addition, they often agree to marry the convict while he is sitting to have the right to a family date. And after five years of concern for the prisoner, the woman goes into the category of “real wives”.

How is absentee dating

The convicts have several ways to find a “correspondence”. When cell phones were not so common, they asked for the addresses of familiar women from the new arrivals and wrote letters to them or found ads in the newspapers. Not everyone answered, but some still fell on the hook.

Today, prisoners, having their own mobile phone, are associated with girls by means of SMS or calls. Often they write and call unfamiliar numbers, saying that they were mistaken in number, and draw into the conversation. It happens that the victim is found on dating sites or in applications, looking for a suitable candidate among ads. In most cases, convicts stop their choice either on very young girls who know little life, or on elderly and ugly women who are looking for at least some, at least bad, but a man. Prisoners carefully ask them about their personal lives, and if they understand that the woman was in a difficult situation, they begin to act.

After the first few conversations, the convicts begin to put pressure on pity about anything. Many lie, saying that they were mistaken by mistake. Some, on the contrary, admit that they have committed a crime, but repent of this. Thus, they are rubbed into confidence in the girl. After the words of love follow: they say, I can’t live without you, you are my only joy here, I fall asleep, pressing your photo to your chest. And a single woman does not need much, having heard such compliments and words, she quickly falls in love and goes into the category of “Zhdul”. This is followed by conversations about a joint future, children, a wedding, after which a woman certainly will not abandon her “Zekul”.

How convicts bred women for money

Most often prisoners begin to look for a woman closer to the end. They understand that few people want to get involved with a sitel with a period of ten years and above. And at the end of the conclusion, you can write “beloved” so that she waits a little more, and then, they say, everything will form. And I will also look for “waiting” at the end of the term to prisoners conveniently because she can be asked for money from her. Under the pretext that a man needs normal clothes and a ticket to the city, the convicts are asked to send a certain amount, and after they disappear from radars.

Women toned with convicts willingly help them in material terms. Zekuli masterfully knows how to ask money so that it is difficult to suspect a catch. Large amounts are lured by them for supposedly payment of card debts, because the debtor can become “omitted” or completely lose his life. Some convicts come from the contrary: they say that they do not need anything from the chosen one, play nobility. And those, having believed, send money just like that. “Zhduli” is actively manipulated, disappearing for several days, and after speaking, they wanted to end the relationship, but could not. Then the friends of the convicts rush headlong to knock out a long date, just to make peace.

Some convicts tell their women that they need money for a lawyer in order to serve on parole and quickly to be nearby. Of course, “waiting” finds money or takes a loan, dreaming of an imminent meeting. As a rule, the convict has such a “wait”, many make a dozen women and all ask for money.

Why do girls marry a convict

The official status of the prisoner wife gives some advantages “. Having become a wife, she receives the right to a long date lasting up to three days. She comes to him with the Baul of things from the house to create the appearance of comfort in the chamber for meetings. Lucky the wife of a prisoner and gearboxes with products. Some “lodes” of the convicts ask to carry drugs or weapons to the zone, and they willingly agree – the husband cannot be refused. Often, after such dates, the girl acquires a child and begins to come even more often, because the baby should see her father. And frequent dates promise frequent transfers, so the convicts willingly become dads.

Having become a married man, the prisoner himself also receives some privileges. His case will be more willingly reviewed in court if he fits the appeal, and will be selected. Not all love stories “Zhdul” and “Zekul” end well. Once at large, the former convict remains to sit on his wife’s neck, as before. The wives of prisoners suffer both beatings, and betrayal, and frequent quarrels, because they have no one to go to and throw their loved ones, whom they had been waiting for several years, they also do not want.

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