The wax that the apples are covered is edible

The wax that the apples are covered is edible

The wax that the apples are covered is edible

Both store and home apples are covered with wax. But rumors about his harmfulness to health, walking on the Internet, are greatly exaggerated.

Why do you need wax on fruit

In nature, many vegetables and fruits, including apples, are covered on the outside by natural wax. Hence their slightly matte surface. Wax is formed on the peel naturally and protects the fruits from the aggressive effects of the external environment, for example, from high temperatures and oxygen exposure. In most civilized countries, after harvesting and before delivering to stores, fruits are washed to remove chemicals and dust from them. And at the same time, alas, a natural wax coating is washed off, which can extend the term of transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, his loss is replenished.

After washing on apples, a special food paraffin is applied. According to FDA, it is harmless and suitable for applying products on the surface. Moreover, one fruit has only a pair of tiny drops, thoroughly rubbed along its surface. Therefore, apples in stores sparkle with glossy barrels. Such a small amount of food wax passes through a person’s digestive system without absorbing, but in the end it does not represent any risk to health. But does this mean that store apples can be eaten without raining?

How to wash off wax from apples

Although the wax on apples does not harm the body in any way, it is better to wash the fruit before using fruit. Thus, bacteria and dirt will disappear from its surface. And, of course, part of the wax itself. To finally clean the fruits of wax, they need to be washed under a stream of warm water. It will remove most of the wax. And to get rid of the wax coating whole, you canthe apple under water with a soft brush.

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