The world around the world grade 4 how to correctly compare the forest and meadow?

The obvious difference between the natural communities of the forest and meadows is immediately striking. Forest are trees, meadows are herbs. That is, the main manufacturers in the forest are various trees, but the manufacturers of the meadow are herbs, the main of which are cereals.

Forest is a natural community that has a tier structure, that is, life in the forest proceeds on different tiers. There is only one tier in the meadow community. Therefore, in the forest we observe a greater variety of species of animals and birds that find comfortable habitats for themselves.

More fertile soils are characteristic of the meadow, since the number of microorganisms, which are engaged in the processing of organic remains in the meadow soil several times higher than in forest soils.

The similarity of forest and meadow is that it is mainly plant communities, the role of plants in them is very great.

Forest and meadow are similar primarily to the fact that these are very extensive natural communities in which a large number of living organisms live.

Next are differences. The forest is formed by trees, meadows – herbs, therefore manufacturers in the forest – trees, in meadows – herbs. The forest is formed mainly by trees of several breeds, shrubs and herbs in the forest very few. A greater variety of vegetation types can be observed in the meadow.

In the forest, animals can live in several tiers, in meadows only on the surface of the earth.

There are many animals and birds in the forests, but there are also a lot in the meadows. However, less predators in the meadow community.

There are more insects in the meadows, since there are more flowering plants.

Soils of meadows are more fertile than forest soils.

Forest and meadow belong to natural communities.

They are similar to the fact that both are a natural ecosystem, stable, existing for a long time, if third-party factors do not interfere (n-r, human intervention or natural disaster). Both natural objects are a home for various types of representatives of flora and fauna, have good or increased humidity.

The differences in ecosystems are that the forest is represented by higher vegetation: trees and shrubs, meadow vegetation mainly grass. Thanks to low vegetation, which is updated in the meadow more often than forest, the soil of meadows is more fertile. Also, the height of plants affects the size of the inhabitants of ecosystems. It is more difficult for large animals to hide or hunt in low grass, so the inhabitants of meadows are mainly small animals and insects, while larger animals live in the forests.

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