Trigger, season 2: who killed Leroux? Or she is alive?

In the first season of the Russian television series called “Trigger” it is said about the death of Lera, the role of which was played by actress Victoria Maslova.

At the moment (May 2023), all sixteen episodes of the second season have been released on the screens, and only in the last series did the name of the killer revealed.

As it turned out, Leru was killed by the ex -wife of Artyom Streletsky, Dasha Solovyova (actress Svetlana Ivanova).

In the last shots of the sixteenth series of the second season, we see Dasha in prison (see the frames located below). She enters the camera and with a shock sees Leru there. It remains incomprehensible what it was – a vision or reality.

Surely the unraveling of this problem will be presented to the audience in the continuing series with a full -length film, which can be watched this winter.

Trigger, season 2: who killed Leroux? Or she is alive?

I always like it when there is a through line in the series – some kind of secret or intrigue, which the hero approaches the series to series to series. The creators of the ‘trigger-2’. They made two such lines at once, but in the end they reveal them somehow slowly, viscous, boring. The first line is associated with the new heroine – Sasha and the secret of her disease. The second, on the contrary, refers us to the heroine of the first season LER. And the main question: who killed her? Streletsky himself suspected Nikolai, who in the first season lost his brother and mother. But in the 8th series it became clear that Nikolai was incomprehensible.

It seems to me that Lera is actually alive. And her funeral is only a played performance. The heroine was needed in order to get Streltsky out of a psychiatric clinic. I would not be surprised that the brain center of this operation was the doctor, whose role is played by Merzlikin.

Watching the second season of the series ‘Trigger’, nothing can be said for sure. At the end appears a frame with Leroy. The first scenario – Lera is really alive. Then the question arises here: how she ended up in prison on the site of the investigator and the accusations towards Dasha would be removed, she would be in prison and in the interrogation room, in principle, would not have been led.

The second option is that Dasha is mentally ill and Lera just seems to her.

We are waiting for the third season to understand this puzzle that the authors of the script arranged for us.

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