Two fingers raised up the index and middle together, which means gesture?

The significance of different gestures in different countries, cultures and areas of life is different. This is clearly visible even in such two pictures:

Two fingers raised up the index and middle together, which means gesture?

If two fingers are spread apart, then this sign can mean victory.

Only now look where the hand is turned, if with the palm of the speaker, then such a sign is offensive.

Two fingers raised up the index and middle together, which means gesture?

Don’t know. In yogis, this gesture means ‘wise of life’ or ‘prana-mudra’ (according to Internet sources)­.

Wise is a special fingers addition in certain forms. Yogi believe that a person has a different action: from simple normalization of health, to magical forces. The action of the wise allegedly consists in the fact that energy comes from the fingers, and touching with certain fingers to each other, a certain energy begins to proceed from one finger and enter the other, which is why there is a certain effect like a closure of an electrocope (only instead of current – prana). In addition, with wishes, you can press on certain points of the hand, and as you know, in the east it is believed that by pressing some body points, you can cure some diseases, and by pressing on others – on the contrary, to make a person sick or worse.

They say that this wise adds health, vitality and tone to the body.

This gesture is widely used in Christian icon painting – so, such a gesture on the icons shows Jesus Christ Christ. The Old Believers are precisely baptized by two fingers, as Jesus Christ once did – so, crossed fingers point to the Holy Trinity.

In yogis, this gesture denotes ‘wisdom of life’, yoga believe that having folded their fingers in such way, your health and vigor of the spirit are restored

This in the court in this way makes it possible to know that he was impatient in the toilet by need.

Surprisingly, in world traditions, some symbolic things coincide, despite the apparent remoteness of civilizations, and just a great geographical distance.

The gesture mentioned in the question is easily read by Christians.

In the Christian tradition, Jesus and saints are often depicted with this gesture.

The implementation of Indian wise, in particular, the wise of life, which ends with this gesture, helps to harmonize the space around a person and various spheres of his life, is redistributing energy flows.

And finally, just folded in this way fingers with a gesture of a wave of a hand at the face – greeting.

Interpretation of the raised index and middle fingers. If we are talking about ordinary life, then this gesture is equal to the raised hand. For example, if a person is called up in order to check his presence, then he can simply raise two fingers or all open palm. One, three or four fingers in this case do not raise.

Orthodox people are baptized by three fingers, but in the Middle Ages they used two fingers, the so -called duality. Old Believers continue to do this and in our time.

In the case of Satanism, Baphomet is depicted with the raised fingers of the right hand and with the left fingers with the left. Because only the raised two fingers do not mean anything.

I think many use such a gesture in their lives. For example, someone says something, but you do not want to interrupt the interlocutor, so you just raise two fingers, showing such a gesture that you want to speak out. They also do this when they want to identify their presence. In general, this gesture can be interpreted differently, but one thing is for sure – a very common gesture.

I also want to note that the Old Believers are baptized with two fingers and also use this gesture.

In Christianity, there are two trends of the Orthodox (Nikonian) and Old Believers (those who did not accept Nikonianism) so the Old Believers are accepted by two fingers (symbolizing the faith in the father and son), crossed fingers point to the holy Trinity, Nikonian are baptized with three checks (in the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit).

In different ways you can interpret this gesture.

For example, a person wants to attract attention.

Raises his hand and squeezes (shifts) fingers in this way.

In Christianity, two fingers are baptized (we are talking about Old Believers).

Yogi also has such a gesture, means ‘wise of life’.

So fingers hold yoga and Christians. In particular, in yogis, such a gesture means “wise of life”, that is, holding fingers like that, they contribute to how they themselves consider the normalization of their own health and the acquisition of magical forces for themselves. 

As for Christians, two gathered straight fingers and three compressed by them is the option that Christ himself demonstrates as a gesture and on the icons they are often painted with such a gesture. 

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