Urine smells of vitamins. Why?

Most often thiamine (vit B1) If a person receives it injected or orally, urine acquires a particularly yellow color and smell, because thiamine smells in itself – has a very specific smell. Expand the ampoule or get a tablet and understand. Under the control of doctors, this.

The fact is that the body never uses the resulting dose completely and usually does not postpone anywhere and simply removes excess in all available ways. Therefore, in fact, I always firmly stand in the position of harmless self -controlled intake of vitamins. Such a thing as homeostasis (constancy of the internal environment of the body) is always disturbed

In addition to diseases of the lack of vitamins (vitaminosis), there is also diseases of excess vitamins (hypervitamnosis). Their symptoms are similar, and it is more difficult to treat excess. What function of the body will suffer, while all this comes to a certain norm is unknown. Called ‘so far treated – crippled’

Excess vitamin E for example, can provoke oncology. In experimental conditions in the laboratory to mice hypereudosis vit.E caused melanoma. Most people unfortunately think that vitamins are tablets from greed. For some reason, we are always and everything is not enough. And at the same time, some vitamins of the body (do not be surprised) are able to synthesize itself. In a number of diseases, certain vitamins are created, may simply not be absorbed. So excess may form. If you also add from the outside, then not only urine will begin to smell of vitamin. With a high excess, the drug comes out with all the media of the body, in t.h. And then the lymph, and then the whole body smells.

This is normal if at the same time a person takes any polyvitamins, especially group B vitamins. But if the smell of vitamins appeared on its own, without taking additional vitamin additives, then this is an occasion to consult a doctor and do urine analysis and pass ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder.

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