Weildberris how to cancel the order that is delayed?

Sometimes Wildberris, for various reasons, has problems with delivery. And your expectation can overshadow the status of your order “delay”. This is especially unpleasant when you ordered a thing intended for someone as a gift for a certain date.

What to do in this case?

How much your order is delayed, of course, you cannot know. In this status, it can linger for 2-3 days and a later date, depending on the reason for the delay. If the order is not intended for a gift or simply there is no urgent need for it, you can afford to wait.

And if you can’t allow? If the deadlines are settled, there is only one way out – to refuse such a product. Then you will have time to buy another gift in another place. Or wait for the detained product and give a gift later, once beat such a situation with a delay. To decide, of course you!

So you decided to refuse. But you can do it only on the 6th day of the lack of your product. It is necessary to count from the delivery date, which was indicated by the store when placing your order. Only then does the “Cross Delivery” button appear in the action menu.

You need to go to the “Delivery” section of your personal account, in the upper right corner on a delaying product you will see three vertical points – this is the action menu. By clicking on them, the function “Cancel delivery” will appear.

If the order has already been paid, then the money is automatically returned to you immediately. And the deadline for receiving them already depends on your bank.

Successful purchases for Weildberris!

It is understandable to the client’s desire to abandon the goods, which comes with a delay. And on the website Wildberries in the certificate there is information on this score.

Briefly, opposite the goods in your personal account, a button appears, with which the ordered product is canceled. True, as practice shows, this function becomes available only after five days.

And if in detail, then this is what they write on the Wildberries website:

Weildberris how to cancel the order that is delayed?

In general, Weildberris is considered a rather serious trading platform, and such cases that the goods are delayed are extremely rare, but still happen. In the status of goods, where we usually see the delivery time, we see the inscription ‘delayed’, and without specific terms, when the goods come.

From my own practice I can say that this could be a long time – I somehow waited about two weeks. However, you can not do this, and if there is an alternative, order another product by canceling this.

To do this, you need to go to your personal account in the application, and click on the delivery of the goods and there we will see the “Eliminate Order” button, after which the goods will be returned within a few days. But it should be noted that such a function appears only after 6 days of waiting.

In the online store Vildberris, unfortunately, unforeseen delays in the process of delivery of goods may sometimes occur.

If the goods are delayed, you do not have the opportunity to wait for the delivery of goods, you need it urgently, for example, as a gift, then you may not wait for the goods, but cancel the order.

But, it is worth remembering that this service will be available to you only if the order is delayed for more than five days from the date of the set delivery time.

So, if more than five days have passed since the delivery time was expired, we go to your personal account and choose ‘Delivery of goods’. Near the goods, the delivery of which needs to be canceled, you need to click on three points and select ‘cancel the delivery’.

After the delivery of delivery, funds will be returned to your card.

I want to say that when ordering Wildberris, you cannot immediately cancel the goods. Will have to receive it and already at acceptance make a refund.

But, if your product had the status that it would come on a certain day, for example – February 1. And by this time it does not come and already on the calendar on February 10, and the goods are delayed, in this case there is hope to cancel the order and return the money.

The refusal button appears on the 6th day after the set date, when it had to come. There are different situations, for example, I, knowing that I would go to rest south, ordered a goods that were closer to my hotel in Adler, he just came and I took it there. And if the goods lingered and lingered longer than I would be in Adler, it is clear that I would not need it anymore. That’s why it is given the opportunity to refuse the goods, but only if the goods are delayed.

Of course, such situations are no exception. Sometimes a person just gets tired of waiting for his order, and therefore wants to cancel it.

In some cases, the refusal can be made without leaving home, this is when the order is delayed for more than five days. In your personal account, in this case you can cancel everything. To do this, you just need to go to your office, then click ‘Delivery of goods’, after that you need to select ‘Cancel delivery’. Money will not come to the card immediately, but within a few days.

If you did not have such a status, then you will have to go to the issue point and already return your money there. In any case, you can do it.

There are situations when some problems arise with the delivery of goods or the goods themselves and then it acquires the status delay. If the buyer is not fundamentally the time through which it will be delivered, then you can wait, especially if there is no such product anywhere, but if the goods are needed now, but it is not known how much it is delayed, it is easier to order another similar, or buy it right nowin a real store or order in another online store. For such cases, Wildberis has a six days after the goods in the status delayed the opportunity to cancel the delivery. To do this, you need to go to your personal account to the delivery section of the goods we need. Next, look into the right lower corner and click on three vertical points so that the words cancellation of delivery appear in the menu. Click on them. Well, and the money for the purchase be sure to return to your card within a few days.

When ordering goods for Weildberris, after you confirmed the order, the delivery date is immediately displayed. Typically, the goods come within 3 to 5 days from the date of the order depending on the region of residence. But there are situations in which the goods for any reason are delayed along the way. In principle, this is not scary if the order is not so important to get on time. And if your birthday, or you are leaving? In this case, the order can be canceled. You can do this on the sixth day on the day of order. In your personal account, you need to enter into delivery and in the upper right corner to press three vertically located points

The inscription will appear: ‘cancel delivery’. If the goods are paid, then the next day the money will be returned to your bank card.

If it is very important for a person to get his goods on time, and then he may not need him, that is, such an opportunity in Wildberry. But this is possible if the goods are delayed for more than 6 days. Then in personal account Go to the section delivery of goods this in the upper right corner you will see three dots. You need to press them and the words will appear in this case Delivery cancellation. You need to choose and then it remains to wait for the money to come to the card, usually this happens within a week. But if there is an opportunity to wait, then nothing needs to be d1. And if the delay is very large, then it is easier to cancel delivery and order others. Similar goods or in other. Buy a store.

Well, what can I tell you if the product goes long, and plus everything you do not want to take it, then it is already easier. Indeed, in your personal account, you can officially abandon the order, and do not go to the VILDBIRIZ issuing point. Go to your personal account, click on the delivery of this product, there you will see points in the upper right corner. Click on points, there will appear a graph of delivery of delivery. Click on it, and the order will be canceled. Money is usually returned within 3 days. But in general, officially, money can be transferred within 10 days. Enjoy the shopping.

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