What a poem in the advertising of Volkswagen 2020 ‘people need little’?

A rather original advertising video was released by the Volkswagen Automobile Concern. It is called ‘Volkswagen. What a person needs’ or another name ‘a person needs little’ (2020).

In this commercial, the young and pretty film and television actress Valery Repin, familiar to the audience by roles in the series “Sklifosovsky ‘and’ Storm ‘reads a spiritual poem.

This, rather spiritual and lyrical verse was written by the Russian poet Robert Ivanovich Rozhdestvensky in 1973 and it is called “man needs little…’.

Volkswagen released new advertising. The manufacturer does not advertise a specific car model, but the entire line. In advertising, actress Valery Repin reads the penetrating poem by Robert Rozhdestvensky ‘Human a little’. In his poem, Robert Rozhdestvensky reflects on universal values. To be honest, in my opinion the meaning of the poem ‘does not need a little with advertising of far from the cheapest cars.

The advertiser himself sees this:

What a poem in the advertising of Volkswagen 2020 ‘people need little’?

Here is the text of this poem:

What a poem in the advertising of Volkswagen 2020 ‘people need little’?

The poem is very popular, therefore, most likely the author is known to all many. He speaks of simple things, but at the same time about the goals, ‘low pedestal’, all the same there should be a certain level of comfort. In any case, they played in the marketing course of advertising of the Volkswagen car. Positioning it as a car for people who love poetry, but at the same time purposeful. The author of the verse written in 1973 is Robert Rozhdestvensky. The name of the verse is actually his first line: ‘a person needs little’.

The verse about simple and at the same time complex swords and life values, the advertisement came out memorable, meaning and beautiful.

What a poem in the advertising of Volkswagen 2020 ‘people need little’?

Foles in the advertising of Volkswagen, few can leave a poem indifferent. And let not everyone can afford to buy such an expensive car, but almost everyone paid attention to it.

So I thought that the author of the poem from advertising is not a modern author, but a classic.

The poem was written by Robert Rozhdestvensky back in 1973, in it he talks about universal values. Therefore, it does not very much fit in the meaning with the representative of the representative class…

The company “Volkswagen ‘to promote its cars in the Russian market is not the first time using the verses of famous Russian poets in commercials.

So in the new advertisement (December 2020), the poem of Robert Rozhdestvensky “needs little”, written in 1973.

What a poem in the advertising of Volkswagen 2020 ‘people need little’?

Not all commercials ‘catch’ by the soul, most pass by, sometimes annoying, sometimes simply primitive, especially on local channels.

But there are those that are remembered, become phraseological units. Volkswagen advertising, which has reached the screen, is neither one nor the other, this is the case when we are reminded of the masterpieces that we have already forgot10.

Simple words, but remembering them, repeats endlessly.

This is just about the advertising of the car, but you think about mom. Sometimes this is more important, even despite the fact that they advertise such a gorgeous machine. ‘A person needs little’, these words belong to the work of Robert Rozhdestvensky, immortal creativity, when in simple words you ‘catching you’ and touch the soul.

Good find for authors of advertising, successful.

You can, of course, argue with this statement, and speculate about what a person needs. But still, if a person needs little, then an expensive car is hardly included in this.

Nevertheless, the creators of advertising decided to do this, show the advertised car against the backdrop of beautiful nature, sea, mountains, forests, birds, people under a rather expressive reading of Robert Rozhdestvensky about the main human intangible values. The poem is called ‘a person needs little’, his actress Valery Repin reads his actress. It was written in 1973. You can familiarize yourself with its full text right here and now:

What a poem in the advertising of Volkswagen 2020 ‘people need little’?

Advertising turned out to be memorable, of course they advertise Volkswagen very cool, the picture is gorgeous.

Surprisingly, many people were interested in what verse sounds in this advertisement, I honestly admit this time until this time, I have not heard this poem, so thanks to advertising I learned a little.

The verse is called ‘a person needs little’, the author is Robert Rozhdestvensky.

Most of all I liked what a person needs to ensure that someone was waiting for him at home, in fact, it is so. When someone is waiting for you, it gives strength, inspiration appears, I want to live and do something.

What a poem in the advertising of Volkswagen 2020 ‘people need little’?

Volkswagen company released a new advertising video.

The video turned out to be spectacular and interesting.

In the commercial, a touching poem sounds that ‘takes by the soul’.

The poem was written by Robert Christmas. The poem is called ‘a person needs little’, and the poem was written for a long time, back in 1973, but it still takes the soul.

You can read the poem here, in the answer below.

What a poem in the advertising of Volkswagen 2020 ‘people need little’?

Unfortunately, for many Russians and not only cars of the German automobile industry, only a “dream of speeds” will remain, as the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky wrote about this in his imperishable poem ‘The person needs little’.

Now, if the Volkswagen made a Christmas gift and reduced prices 1.5-2 times for his cars so that many would fulfill his dream, then another thing. And so in the context of this advertisement, a masterpiece of the Soviet poet is just a sad verse about the inconsistency of dreams. The main thing is only to wait at home ‘, because a person really needs little.

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