What are the books about cultivated plants? How to prepare a message?

The school library can have a lot of books about cultivated plants and here is only a small list of such books:

What are the books about cultivated plants? How to prepare a message?

In any of these books, you can choose some cultivated plant and make a small message.

An example of registration of a message about a cultural plant:

Message topic: wheat

Message plan:

  1. Place in biological systematics. Appearance.
  2. Human domestication by man.
  3. Areas of cultivation and distribution. Global volume of wheat production.
  4. Health benefits for health
  5. Use of wheat in the economy.
  6. Products that are obtained using wheat.

Source of information: reference book ‘World of Cultural Plants’.

In our school library, you can find such books about cultivated plants that can be used to prepare a small message:

Verzilin n. ‘Journey with domestic plants’

Lavrova s. ‘Entertaining botany for kids’

Naumkin in. ‘Food and medicinal properties of cultivated plants’

Then the topic of the message can be chosen for example, a dates palm.

Message plan:

  1. The habitat of the date palm
  2. The fruits of the finite palm
  3. The juice of the finite palm
  4. What does a person from fruits and other organs of a finite palm
  5. Finnish palmam source of life in the desert.

Source of Information: Verzilin’s book ‘Traveling with home plants.’

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