What are the examples of words 3 (third) declension?

From the school curriculum, we remember that there are three declensions of nouns: 1, 2, and 3.

In order to determine which of them it is necessary to attribute this or that noun, you need to know the rule of the Russian language well:

What are the examples of words 3 (third) declension?

To supplement your example, on the basis of the knowledge gained, can be the following words: justice, death, nonsense, square, nonsense, notebook, dampness, life, thing, doe, laziness, tulle.

What are the examples of words 3 (third) declension?

The words of the third declension belong to the feminine nouns with the zero ending. The nouns of the third declension have a soft basis, which is indicated by a soft sign after a consonant (trout), or a solid foundation (baldness), but also indicated by a soft sign.

In this case, the soft sign serves as a marker for nouns of the third declension, unlike the words of the male family of the second declension: ball, hoop, naked, crumb, garage, guard.

I will give examples of nouns of the third declension:

Dirty rags

Extensive wasteland

Deep deposit

Hidden danger

Frank whim

Blaging beans

sea ​​salt

General lie

beautiful thing

A thick shadow

High rye

Your thought

Hot oven

river depths

Heavenly height

Night quiet.

To nouns 3 declensions relate:

1) feminine nouns with ending on a soft sign.

2) It is also a noun ‘path’.

3) a number of nouns of the middle kind with the end of the ‘my’.


Brash, wasteland, baldness, brooch, veil, pedal, medal, carrion, creature, generosity, infinity, safety, damp, disgrace, mother, army, model, part, accuracy, attentiveness, determination, sociability, sociability, stress resistance, frost resistance, frost resistancerelevance, poverty, parcel, weightlessness, sensitivity, unidirectionality, suit, sound, productivity, responsibility, clarity, cunning, harmonica, quiet, frost, hedge.

Seed, burden, udder.

Words 3 declensions


They almost make up the entire list of words of the third declension, for example:

Lilac, blizzard, life, accordion, courage, power, courage, notebook, rye.


The only word that fell into this declension is the word path,


This includes eleven words ending at -Mi:

What are the examples of words 3 (third) declension?

Nun 3 declension nouns include nouns with a zero ending. At the end of the basis, such words have a soft sign (b): steppe, notebook, horse, night, daughter, mouse, wasteland, brooch, thing, bile, youth, trembling, help, game, stove, power, speech, midnightwilderness, rags, nonsense, herring, rye, shadow, shoots, wormwood, greens, blue, spruce, shin, vermichel, pain, moth, life, degree, trill, grille, mascara (paint), doe, distance. I can’t name offhand anymore.

No need to confuse these nouns with such as (many) clouds, tasks, pears, puddles, programs. These are nouns 1 declension, at the end after the hissing ‘b’.

Nouns of the 3rd declension (as we know from elementary school), differ from other nouns in that in the vast majority of cases they have a female family and a soft sign (b) at the end.

Here is my small (as you asked) list, and if I accidentally put the right word in it, they will certainly correct me:

Carrots, blood, love, dislike, eyebrow, daughter, mother, mother -in -law, become, army, bed, grace, notebook, night, midnight, steel

It must be recalled that the soft sign in the end is not always a sign of belonging to the 3rd declination. For example, words: horse, fire – 2nd declension, since they are masculine.

For me, also the third declension was forever remembered by the fact that it consists almost entirely of the words of the feminine family, which end in a soft sign. These can be words:

Sushi – Great drought

Blazh – a quirk, a creative hollow

Watch – whip or branch of wood, shrubs

Laziness – state of unwillingness to do something

Blood – the contents of our veins

Ointment – miraculous remedy for bags under the eyes and aging

Joy – a feeling of pleasure from what has been done

There are a few more words ending in -mi: flame, time, aspiration, burden.

And we will not forget the word the path that the only masculine kind was pushed into the female kingdom.

The nouns of the third declension include female nouns in the nominative case with a soft sign at the end.

For example: horse; area; spruce; mol; life; vermesel; shoots; freshness; greedy­b; trill; notebook; joy; power; valor; herring; wormwood; love; autumn; mother; sv;­Ezhni; sadness; laziness; pride; morality.

Famine nouns of the only number in the nominative case, ending to hissing sound are written with a soft sign at the end of the word.

For example: youth; midnight; daughter; rye; night; mascara; mascara; bile; trembling; help; power; game

What are the examples of words 3 (third) declension?

There are a lot of such words in the Russian language, so you can give many examples. Mercantility, accuracy, frugality, importance, fidelity, utility, lightness, severity, persistence, perseverance, lies, lice, brooch, gap, baldness. These are the words of the feminine with the end of the consonant with a soft sign.

Already in elementary school we studied declension. There are three of them. So, the third square includes the part of the words that has a female family and a soft sign at the end of the word.

Here are some of these words:

Mother, rye, liver, blood, hut, life, death, thread, power, generosity.

The words of the third declension have zero endings in the nominative case.

These words include: game, midnight, tablecloth, branch, mercury, custody, surface, love, eyebrow, valor, news, strength, morality, role, disease, measles, life, news, moth (insect), citadel, trill, trillblizzard, shawl, fraction, envy, drill.

Also, the zero ending can have masculine nouns, for example, the following: April, bumblebee. But they belong to the 2nd declension.

What words (what nouns) we will include/attribute to 3 – the declension:

  • Famine nouns that end in —;
  • Nouns in the middle kind on -My-;
  • noun ‘path’ (male genus).

Let us give examples of words that relate to the third declension of interest to us:

  • bed, life, revenge, medal, part, honor, danger, secrecy, brevity, etc.;
  • flame, tribe, time, and so.

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