What are the features of politic. and economical. development is characteristic of France..?

Features of the political development of France of the period of the Second Empire:

1) Napoleon III intended to return to France her former glory, tried to make the French foreign policy of the dominant on the continent

2) the first president of France, chosen by direct popular voting.

3) Successful colonial policy: control over Algeria was strengthened, colonies in Africa were founded, Indochina’s capture began.

4) contributed to the unification of Italy.


Features of the economic development of France of the period of the Second Empire:

1) the economy flourished due to high demand for French goods

2) the creation of an updated banking system, which, together with the years of stable dictatorial rule, was able to return international investment to France, which contributed to sustainable economic growth;

3) large -scale transformations in Paris turned it into a completely new city – the subject of envy of the whole world. Museums appeared, tall and spacious houses, wide streets. The city, which is previously the most radical and unstable of the European capitals, simply could not find out – the police followed the order, the workers from the city center were ousted into the outskirts and to the suburbs, and rich townspeople also settled in the center. Napoleon wanted not only to make Paris a suitable place for life, but also to show the whole world how successful and rich France became.

4) Napoleon III changed the French railway systems, made the French trading fleet the second largest in the world, began trade with China.

5) contributed to the development of agriculture, put an end to France, made France an exporter of agricultural products.

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