What are the one -rooted words to the words ‘alley’ and ‘watermelon’?

Borrowed word Alley has an ending-i (no alle, I admire the alle-e). Since after the vowel is the letter ‘I’, it denotes two sounds. In this case, the morphemic composition of this noun can be represented by phonetics in this form:

Alla [ya].

With the root of the alleys, I recalled the related noun ‘alley “and the adjective’ alley ‘.

A small alley brought us to the river.

Alley bushes blocked a bench from immodest eyes.

Word watermelon is a root with a zero ending. In his relatives, the words were found:

Arbuzik, watermelon, watermelon.

Performing homework in the Russian language, we are also often asked to choose one -stone words for vocabulary words.

The first word from the question is the word ‘alley’. There are very few these words, there are only two of them:

  • a diminutive – affectionate word ‘Alley’;
  • adjectives ‘alley’ or ‘alley’.

The second word from the question is the word ‘watermelon’.

Again, this is an adjective ‘watermelon’ (watermelon), as well as the affectionate form ‘watermelon’.

This watermelon is very tasty and juicy.

One -rooted words to the word ‘Alley’ Very little, I found two:

  • Alley
  • Alley (aya), (s).

One -rooted words to the word ‘watermelon’ will be as follows:

  • watermelon, watermelon crust
  • noun. Squeezing watermelon

You can’t pick up a large number of single-rooted words to these words, but you can still remember something.

First of all, a noun alley that means a special track in a park or garden. The root of this noun is the morpheme of alle/alleys and the adjective alley and a diminutive noun alley will be the one -rooted words.

The next noun watermelon has the root of the watermelon, as it apparently has a Turkic origin. Its adjective watermelon crust, such a little watermelon and such a huge watermelon are a small watermelon. Apparently, nothing will be able to pick up more.

These two words belong to vocabulary. And they do not have very many options for the same -rooted words. So the search for single -rooted words in this case simply does not make sense, since the one -stone words are mainly looking for to verify the spelling of vowels in the root. Nevertheless, for these words, the words that are obtained when declining these words are the same. For example .

Alleys, alleys and alley.

And for watermelon – watermelon, watermelon, about watermelon.

By the way ‘Alley’ I failed to pick up a lot of the same words, here are my options:

◆ Alley

◆ Alley.

The ‘delicious’ words ‘watermelon’ There are also very few single -rooted words. I managed to pick up the following words:

◆ watermelon

◆ Arbuzishche

◆ watermelon

◆ watermelon -shaped

◆ watermelon -like

◆ watermelon

◆ watermelon-kefir;

◆ watermelon

◆ watermelon-layer.

The word ‘alley’ has a root alley-. As you can see, this word is simply No one -rooted words, even if we take the word “alley”, then there will already be the root – alleys -.

The word ‘watermelon’ has single -rooted words, but this is a changed form of the word itself, namely: watermelon, watermelon and watermelon. In all these words, the root is a watermelon.

One -rooted words to the word ‘alley’:

Alley – we went with Tanya along a small alley.

Alley – we live on the street ‘Alley’.

By the way ‘watermelon’ of the same -root words, you can choose a little more:

Watermelon – watermelon juice is very tasty and sweet.

Watermelons – watermelons were sold in the market.

Arbuzik – the watermelon was, though small, but sweet.

Watermelon – from watermelon crusting mom prepares delicious zuccats.

The word watermelon, such options for the same root words: Watermelons, watermelon, watermelon. Root – WATERMELON.

But with Alley a little more difficult, because this is a borrowed word, it came to us from another language. For example – Alley or Alley (this is a diminutive affection form of the word).

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