What are the words with the root of the equal–? Examples of words.

‘Spelling of the roots of the equanim/ROVN’, perhaps one of the most difficult topics in the section ‘alternation of vowels in the root. The choice of vowel in the root does not depend on the stress or on the final consonant root, but only on the meaning of the word (as in the roots of the IOC/MAC). It is the meaning of ‘commands’ which letter to choose – o or, what to do sometimes is quite difficult.

First of all, we focus on the value of the following adjectives:

Equal – the same;the same as..;the same value or position.

For example: uniform, compare with anything, balance, equalize the score.

Even – smooth, straight;not having any irregularities, recesses or hills.

For example: to align (the verb is rarely used) the paths and to adjust the jasmine bushes in the garden.

Another examples with these roots: to stab the ditch, equalize in capabilities, equal to the edges, align the edges of the paper, breathe even, criminal indifference, solve the equation, cannot be equal to all with one measurement, equivalent choice, adjust the bangs.

There are words with the root/equal root, the spelling of which should be remembered:

plain, equalization (right), equal!(equal), trim in the line, get to know with someone, anyway

level, equally, peer, no time is raised.

As we know, in the Russian language there are many roots with alternation of vowels: -Bir-/ -Iber-, -Gor-/ -Ar-, -ros-/ -st-/ -rach, -short-/ -blister and blisteretc. The choice of the right vowel in these roots depends on different reasons: the letter following the root, stress, etc.

In the roots -equal/ -rovn- The choice of vowel A or Os depends only on the meaning of the word itself, so the spelling of words with these roots often causes difficulty.

If the word matters ‘the same’, then you need to write vowel a (-st equal-).

Examples of words with the root -equal-:

Equation, equal, compare, comparison, balance, equalize, equivalent and so on.

If the word has a meaningful, without distortions, errors, etc.D.’, then we are fundamentally write about (-rovn-). Examples of words with the root -rovn-:

Level, to trim, unevenly, equal.

As you know, the alternation of the vowels of the A/O roots is subordinated to the simple rule: if the word can be given a smooth – smooth, then it is written through O, and if the equal is the same, then through a.

An example of words with the root of the equal:

Nouns: equalization, equation, comparison, equalization, equalizer, comparativeness, alignment, equalization, trimming, equilibrium.

Verbs: equalize, align, equalize, equalize, end.

The adjective equal and many words from him educated: equal, equilibrium, equivalent and others.

The adverb is equal.

The word exception: a plain that is still even and smooth, but each of its point is aligned on the surface of the earth.

An example of words with the root of the ROVN:

Nouns: equal, evenness, unevenness.

Verbs: to level, cut, trim, corner.

Adjectives: even, smooth, uneven.

Adverbs: exactly, unevenly.

Words with the root of the equal/ROVN- differ in meaning and writing

If the word contains the meaning of ‘equal’, ‘the same’, ‘the same’, then in the semantic root we choose the letter ‘a’.

Examples of words with root-

Algebraic equation

equalize in rights

equalize in the match

Enthrown triangles

Equate to veterans

Uniform movement

to hold balance:

Equal figures.

The semantic root is used in words indicating something even, without bulges and dents, or a direct action ‘to make something even and smooth, the same in length, height, etc.’

Examples of words with the root-

Lease the road

bearded hair and beard

Slove with the ground

Get the embankment

Turn the bushes

Leve hay

A leigned path.

Exception: level, plain, peer, equally, get along with the house, equal to the banner, trim in the ranks, etc.

When this topic passed: ‘Alternation -o- and -a- at the root of the word’ at school, my teacher in the Russian language said: the main thing is to remember the meaning of words. for example ‘ROVN -‘- In the word even, t.E smooth (rub the pits).

‘equal -‘- in the word equal, t.E is the same (equalize in rights, an equilateral triangle, to trim, make both parts of the equation equal). But there are words of exceptions are the words of the same age, the same age, although it means the same age, that is, equal. Also plain meaning a flat place.

You can choose a lot of such examples.

I will give an example of several options.

Words with the root of the equal: equal, equal, plain, equation, equalizes, equilibrium, equivalent, isosceles, equalize, equal rights, trim, uniform, equivalent.

Words with the root of the ROVN: even, even, flush, level, smooth, even, trim, trim and so on.

As you can see words with the root of the ROVN, it turned out more.

Words with the root of the ROVN :

  • smooth
  • even
  • equal
  • evenness
  • evenly (in the sense of not askance)

Words with root:

  • Equal
  • Plain (word – exception)
  • equal
  • equal (=)
  • evenly (though there are two roots ‘equal’ and ‘measures’)
  • balance (also two roots ‘equal’ and ‘weight’)
  • the equation

To select words on this topic, the rule of spelling of words with the roots of the ROVN and equal will help

What are the words with the root of the equal–? Examples of words.

Words in which there are the roots ‘ROVN’ or ‘Equal’.


Even and equal

Plain, but unevenness.

Equilibrium and balance.There are quite a few words to distinguish the spelling of vowels in the root of words, you need to remember and understand the meaning of the word.

Equal in rank, position, merit, attitude

Smooth, that is, smooth out.

The root ‘equal’: equalization, equality, equal, equation, comparison, compare, equate, equilateral, equivalent, equal rights.

Root ‘ROVN’: even, even, level, trim.

All these words have one root, but it has an alternating vowel, so writing is different.

Evenly, to trim, equality, equinox, equivalent, isosceles, equal, evenly, equilibrium, equal, equivalent, equal, evenly, equal, equivalent, equivalent.

The word plain is no exception. The plain is written due to the fact that it is at sea level. Exceptions of the same age, equally. Rule: equal – equal, the same. Rovn is even.

Examples: equalize, equation, even, equal, plain

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