What berries are combined with cherries in compote and jam?

The cherries in itself are good, so you can make compote from different types of these berries of red, yellow and pink colors. And to make the drink more fragrant, you can, if desired, add a cinnamon or a few stars of the batter to the jar. You can cook and jam from one cherry, and for the smell you can attach cinnamon, vanilla or clove when preparing it.

The delicious compote is obtained from cherries and strawberries – this couple of berries can be considered perfect. And if you add a mint or lemon slices, then the drink will turn out to be fragrant, and refreshing, and useful. And the compotes in the bank look attractive and bright.

What berries are combined with cherries in compote and jam?

Cherry compote is a delicious and healthy workpiece for the winter. You can make a compote from one cherry, or you can add other berries to get a brighter taste and aroma.

For example, cherries with strawberries go well. The recipe is this: we take 200 grams of strawberries and cherries, 150 grams of sugar and 1.5 liters of water.

Rinse the berries with water. We sterilize the banks. Next, put the berries in jars, pour boiled water and leave for 15 minutes. Next, we pour the water from the jar into the stewpan, put it on fire, add sugar and boil for three minutes. Pour the jars with boiling water and twist.

What berries are combined with cherries in compote and jam?

Cherries are a tasty and healthy berry. That is why in the crop season, many try to make as many blanks with it for the winter as possible. A delicious compote and no less tasty jam is obtained from the cherries.

What berries are combined with cherries in compote and jam?

I add cherries to any compotes, from any fruits and berries, even with apples, even with pears, apricots, peaches, currants, gooseberries, mulberry. Cherries adds a beautiful color and pleasant taste.

Perhaps it makes no sense to add cherries to the compote that is cooked from blue plums.

But when I cook jam, on the contrary, I can cook jam from drains and cherries. From cherries and gooseberries. But raspberries, strawberries, peaches, apricots, apples, pears I always cook separately. Cherries are not needed there.

As the saying goes: – ‘tastes and color, there are no comrades’. But personally, I, if I cook compote, then I can add cherries to apples and pears. In such compotes, she adds a beautiful pink color and a pleasant taste.

What berries are combined with cherries in compote and jam?

The ripening period of cherries is the end of June and late varieties of the beginning of July. Therefore, in the manufacture of conservations -compensation or jam, respectively, we can use only those berries in which the crop season coincided. This is strawberries, raspberries, currants red and black, gooseberry, IRG­A, kumberland, Sadovaya strawberry. Tutovnik, excellent neighborhood with cherries in a bank with compote. You can also offer fruits- cherries, and early apricot. Also, jam from the yellow cherries goes well with the imported berry – orange. It is necessary to add finely chopped flesh and grated

Orange zest. The dessert is fragrant and tasty, with a spicy bitterness. All these berries and fruits in any case will dominate the taste, smell and color, because the cherries are not pronounced tasteful quality. Photo jam from yellow cherries and orange of its own preparation.What berries are combined with cherries in compote and jam?

The cherries in the season is a very popular product, it can be combined with other fruits in compotes or cook jam.

You will like the jam with the addition of fresh lemon and the taste will turn out with sourness.

Typically, this type of jam is used not only for food, but also preparation of various desserts.

The most famous version of jam is assorted from cherries and cherries.

As an option, you can prepare in the winter compotes from cherries with the addition of plum, apricot or cherry plum.

What berries are combined with cherries in compote and jam?What berries are combined with cherries in compote and jam?

Ah, I love cherries fresh.

In compotes, it is not so expressive. Still, the sweetness of the cherries here is as if against her.

Therefore, cook jam and roll up compotes with cherries with something sour.

But the trouble is, in the season of cherries (and this early fruit yagoda) is almost nothing so sour and there.

Unless early red currant.

It is precisely and advisable to add to compotes.

As for jam, you will have to add an overseas fruit – something from citrus fruits, lemon or orange.

I cooked thick cherries with orange cherries. This is an unusually ‘tasty’ combination.

Cherry gives its elastic pulp and beautiful color, and orange – the aroma of the zest and amazingly pleasant sourness.

In color, jam is just beautiful.

Take a look yourself.

What berries are combined with cherries in compote and jam?

The compote is amazing, from the assorted cherries, gooseberries and currants, in equal proportions, only sugar needs more, these berries are not very sweet.

It approaches cherries, apples, as well as wounding.

Ripe apricot, will also not spoil the compote from the cherries.

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