What can you play in the chat?

In my opinion, this is, first of all, all games with words.

  1. Game “Cities” Rules, I hope, remember. Example: Eagle – London – Nagasaki.
  2. Game “In Association”. Example: Spring – kidneys – organ – piano.
  3. The game “Battle of the sexes”. The rules are simple. All participants in the stronger sex are plus 2. All participants in the fair sex minus 2. The game starts from a fifty dollars.
  4. Game “Counter”. A very primitive game. Players simply add one figure in turn.
  5. The game “Two or three letters”. In fact, this is the same game “to the cities”, but the next player begins his word with several extreme letters of the previous word.

Play and enjoy!

Games that you can play in the chat:

  1. True, not true. The essence of the game: one player comes up with two statements, one of which is certainly truthful and the other is false;Other players must determine which of them is true. The subjects of statements can be diverse: science, art, sport, etc.D. You can also draw up allegations to yourself (appearance, hobbies, stories from life) so that interlocutors can find out something interesting about you.
  2. Various kinds puzzles: with a catch, Danetki and others.
  3. Game to cities can be complicated. For example, to agree that you can offer only those cities that are located on the territory of a particular country (Russia, Ukraine, USA).

My favorite game, which I think very vital, is a toy truth-not.

Its meaning in guessing what the statement invented by the players is true, and which is not about at all, that is, a lie.

Another of my favorite game, these are cities, in it you simply create a chain from cities, calling them alternately and every subsequent city should begin with the letter that ends before the coming. The main thing is not to deceive yourself and others and not look for cities, using the Internet, since then the game will not work, but for truthfulness, you can introduce time restrictions, for the one who needs to come up with the city in the game.

In the chat, you can play the following games:

  • The game is called ‘deciphering letters’. We take the well-known abbreviation, for example, PMS and offer to decipher it in its own way. For example, a simple detergent.
  • The game is called ‘when the last time …?’. For example, when the last time you kissed ? The next answers and asks his question.
  • The game is called ‘questions.’Communication occurs only with the help of questions. For example, – ‘You were on the street today ?’ – ‘Why are you asking ?’ – ‘What do you think ?’.

One of my favorite chat games is ‘Continue History’. One person writes ‘I broke my leg’, the second continues ‘But the elevator did not work’, then the third, fourth, etc. D. As a result, a full -fledged story is obtained.

You can also play the game ‘yes/no’ for intimate acquaintances or just dating in the chat. To do this, you go, look who the last left the message and write yes ‘or no’. Your consent or refusal to get acquainted with only the user whose message is posted above.

The most common game in chat and indeed in various forums is the game of cities. A person writes the name of one city, and the other person recalls and writes the name of the city for the last letter of this city, and so in order, I hope everyone played this simple game. You can also compose a kind of fairy tale, for this it will be necessary to start a fairy tale and other participants will complement it at one sentence and continue according to fantasy, as a result, a very funny fairy tale turns out.

In the chat, you can play, for example, in such an interesting game as ‘answers-questions’, and the responsible does not have the opportunity not to answer the question. But you can play in history – one begins a story, and the other invents how it will end. Well, of course, you can play both cities and the names of animals – one calls the city (animal), and the second calls the city (animal) in the last letter of the previous word.

Cities – of course an interesting game. But there is also a game with the guessing of the film. Someone described the movie, but others had to guess what kind of film. Not so easy. I don’t believe it – another good chat game. Show diversity. Well, it is desirable that there would be a lot of people in the chat

Only links to games do not throw away. Otherwise it can be taken for spam.

For example, I like games that develop logic. For example, there is a game of words, the end and the beginning of the word. In order to complicate the task, you can choose the topic of words, many people choose cities, but you can choose animals or what you yourself will come up with. I would advise you this particular game, it will be very interesting.

You can play words, you need to name as many words as possible starting with one letter. The game seems very long, but in fact, when you start playing, all the words disappear and you have to sweat., But in any case, the game is quickly and fun, if you still remember the word from family everyday life.

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