What clothes are on the letter and?

For example, such:

  • Ichigi – light boots, element of the Tatar national costume
  • Ilyk – Armenian vest with open breasts for men
  • IE – a female shirt or jacket, decorated with embroidery, traditional for Moldavians and Romanians
  • Until – synonymous underwear synonym

The following clothes are remembered for the letter ‘and’:

Ichigi is this type of shoe, to be more precise, then leather boots.

Ilyk is a type of Armenian clothes worn by men, is a vest.

Ilton – this is the name of a scarf among clergymen.

IE – Thus, the subject of the clothes of the Moldovan people is called, which is a shirt decorated with embroidery.

It is not just not easy to remember clothes for the letter ‘and’. In our area, from the usual items of clothing there is nothing that would begin with the letter ‘and’.

Somehow they played the game and one of the players offered such an object as a ‘Iranka’ as a piece of clothing. I never found information about him. Perhaps in some area there is something similar, but in this case the spread of this concept is extremely small. There is no information, and such a name is not found anywhere, so it will not work to bring it as an option.

But you can call, for example, an ichigi as an object of clothing with the letter ‘and’. These are light shoes that have the shape of a boot. Ichigi are part of the national Tatar costume.

‘IKETE’ – a type of shawl in the Javans.

‘IE’ – a view of the traditional female shirt at Moldavian.

All the names of clothing for the letter ‘and’ belong to a foreign tradition, even the most common ichigi – belong to Central Asian leather shoes and if we talked about shoes, we recall – ancient Greek idios -idols. Although, it would be the most correct to start listing with the ancient Roman purple frill to female tunics with short sleeves or completely without sleeves – we are talking about institu, by the way, I must say that only ladies from high society could wear the table; What clothes are on the letter and?

Ichigi – there are such shoes (light), it resembles boots in shape, but they have such a feature – it is tough, and the toe, on the contrary, is soft. Looks like that:

What clothes are on the letter and?

Yeah, almost everything went through, but there are all the options, there are:

Institudes – although not clothes in general, but its part, which was used in the clothes of the female among the Romans, is such a fan or, which is more understandable to us – the tape, usually purple. In fact, this is a lower piece of fabric, something like a combination, since women had a different fabric from above, something like toga in men, its name was-.

People have different clothes.

Starting with the letter ‘and’, these are the following items:

  1. Mortgages.In ancient times, the Greeks wore wooden or leather sandals on the sole with the name that were attached to the leg with long belts.
  2. Supervisors. So in the common people called the Personons.
  3. Ishlyk. In Armenia, men wear this vest with open breasts.

You can add more ilon – a scarf used by priests. Although they do not put him on how his clothes can be considered in a certain way.

There is also a siram – a cult robe in Islam.

And piles can also be called sirens, it is also suitable.

Ichigi for example, though these are not clothes, but shoes (boots, if a little more specific), and leather.

Ilyk, this is such a vest, worn by men in Armenia.

Underwear, this is not specific clothes, so you can call almost any lower clothes (linen).

There are such light leather boots like – ichigi. There is also such a scarf as Ilon, which is used to be wrapped in such a table for a meal as antimins. There is still such a light moddavian shirt as IE.

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