What does a spoon with a hole mean in prison?

Previously, such spoons of the convicts in the zones of the so -called ‘roosters’ or ‘lowered’ were awarded, they were the lower caste in the prison hierarchy and were themselves disrespectful and despised in prisons and other prisoners tried not to contact them, as this was considered a “backwater”. But now this tradition in the past and holes of the spoons is no longer awarded in prisons.

Crimpers in their environment down and offended entrust the most vile work: to maintain garbage pits, to endure a parach. They can even start beaten with your feet (you can’t beat with your hands) if they get a refusal of the “lowered ‘to perform actions. Such a spoon is given precisely ‘lowered’. They can make a zone with a zone or lowered in an investigative insulator, when he was rude to authority, starting to download his rights.

This subject from prison topics was awarded to them people from the caste of ‘lowered’ or ‘roosters’. All their dishes, including the spoon, was marked with a hole so that other convicts saw this and in no case touch them.In the modern world, such a tradition has left the places not so remote.

In a prison, a place closed and separately functioning, for centuries there has been its own hierarchy. All prisoners are divided into individual groups, such as “cool”, “watching” are the so -called higher caste of the zone, people who follow the order inside the zone society, solve conflicts. Further, the category ‘gray’ – the bulk of the prisoners, know and honor the traditions of the zone, but do not see themselves with the criminal world, after serving the deadline they return to the normal environment. There is a category of ‘goats’, ‘bitches’ – prisoners actively cooperating with the administration of the zone, they are often not touched, but do not respect them. And there is a category ‘lowered’, ‘roosters’ – it is they who are the owners of spoons with a hole. The holes are drilled in the spoons and bowls of these citizens so that everyone can see that it is ‘lowered’ and in no case touch him, his things or clothes. Touching, even by non -knowledge, becomes the same “lowered” and is subjected to violence by the prisoners.

So this is a spoon of lowered, a rooster in the z1. But what about the photo? Big question! This is not a spoon of lowered convict, but hell knows that. For roosters in the zone, a hole is made in the handle of a spoon, for visual distinction from spoons of normal prisoners.

The hole in the spoon does not exclude its use as intended. And in the photo some kind of mockery.

In the photo I see a spoon with a hole. I do not see prisons. Photo from the category of jokes (as, indeed, most answers). Is there a holey dish in the zone? Somewhere, but in most areas there is no longer a prisons. But the hole in the dish (in a mug, spoon, plate) in the handle and not in the oar itself (in the plate closer to the upper edge). Such dishes can be normally used for its intended purpose.So they did so that an honest prisoner would not use the ‘final dishes’. A kind of black label. And nothing more…

In fact, in this matter, we are talking about a whole group of persons who are commonly called omitted or offended (they also have other names, for example roosters). In this response, I will not tell who it is and why they got into this category.

I can say that they can belong not only to spoons with a hole, but they also have a plate with a hole and a similar circle. This was done so that no one would confuse their dishes with dishes of other prisoners.

In the zone their own rules and sometimes they are very cruel, but they must be observed, otherwise life will turn into torture.

A spoon with a hole is given out in the zone, this special caste, the lowest. They despise everything, they have an unenviable life. They have their own dishes, which other prisoners should not touch, and if they suddenly touched, then the person is also determined by the lowered.

A spoon with a hole is made specifically so that other prisoners can see this item and understand that it cannot be touched, the same applies to another dishes.

A spoon with a hole is a symbolic subject of everyday life that awarded the convicts.

Such a spoon was obtained by those who are called in the zone ‘roosters’ (lowered).

Such a spoon is given to a specially prisoner with the aim of everyone to see who exactly he is.

It is impossible to take, touch such an household, otherwise this person will be considered ‘omitted’.

I admit honestly, I did not sit in Butyrka,

But know the hunting of a spoon of a hole.

Know at least a little, well, at least a little –

As a balanda is a holey spoon?!

Why hole a spoon in Butyrka? –

Drive the cooks,

So that the sensitive is the harm…

Sorry, brothers, for this nonsense.

And in the corses who drill holes? –

Probably often in Butyrka.

Such a spoon is awarded on the zones of people who are called ‘roosters’ and ‘lowered’. These people are given precisely this dishes, so that everyone can see, do not touch them. This tradition is a thing of the past from prisons.

Indeed, such a spoon with a hole from which you can eat only by plugging the hole with your finger –

This is a mandatory attribute of the “omitted ‘(or’ wafflers’).

The hole was invented for the fact that the ‘normal’ prisoners could not by chance “finish”

(touching a spoon) with lowered.

I must say that such an unenviable position is laid off with an indelible imprint

on their psyche and many of them, unable to endure humiliation, end the life of suicide.

What does a spoon with a hole mean in prison?

Such a spoon is given out by the so -called lowered or humiliated. It can be passive homosexuals, rapists who have come to the zone for this, any other people (mattresses, roofs and others), whom they decided to ‘lower’. And a spoon with a hole is probably the smallest of evils. They sleep at the parashi, they are not allowed to wash and so.

Such a spoon, this is a sign in the “lowered ‘z1. Only ‘roosters’ use such spoons, and if by chance someone does not touch this spoon out of the roosters (in not knowledge or completely inadvertently), then it is automatically ranked over to the caste of lowered. Such rules still exist.

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