What does ‘discerned product’ on the site ‘ozone’ mean?

As a rule, there is nothing wrong with this formulation.

I bought a telephone on ozone, which had a note ‘discounted goods’.

The box was only dented from the defects, and then, not at all significant.

But I probably would not dare to take it like a very expensive thing.

The discounted goods and goods with a discount is not the same. Discounts can be for any goods or categories, and the product is discerned is a piece of goods, which somehow has lost its presentation. Most often, the cause of the markdown is damaged packaging, although in some cases the thing itself can be slightly damaged (a scratch, for example, or a rumpled cover of a book, notebooks). Typically, such damage does not affect the quality of the goods and their work, which is why it is put up for sale at a lower price. Non -working thing, of course, will not sell.

‘Dailed’ goods on ozone can be found if you click on the Catalog on any page, all categories of goods will open. Go down more and there will be this section.

What does ‘discerned product’ on the site ‘ozone’ mean?

The discerned product has either damaged packaging, or various defects (scratches, chips). Also, the goods can already be previously repaired. The page of the product indicates the reason for the markdown. The discerned product costs of course cheaper than usual and here you need to look at how critical or not the reason for the markdown.

On the site ‘ozone’, a lot of discounted goods is offered a lot. The reasons for the markup are different. Perhaps the packaging is mentioned, and perhaps the goods were in the service center, etc. D. Sometimes it is very profitable to buy goods cheaper than its other price (without markup). For example, I was somehow lucky to buy an excellent hair dryer, where there were only problems with the rumpled packaging. Almost 500 rubles have crushed Ozone this product. About the reasons for the markup is written on the page description page. So we cross and read carefully before clicking ‘add to the basket’. Another important point is that often confident goods in just one copy. While you think they can buy them.

Everything is very simple, in most cases on the ozone, goods that go marked ‘discerned goods’ have some disadvantages, for example, not a complete set or dented packaging, and even worse the goods could be under repair, but unfortunately you will not be informed about this, you definitely won’t know this.

Therefore, when purchasing goods on ozone, be careful if there is a note ‘discerned product’, because what kind of surprise you will be expected unknown…

The discerned product on ozone is the product for which a discount was made due to the fact that its packaging was damaged. Do not be afraid to buy this product, because in addition to packaging, its contents lies in integrity and safety, unless otherwise written by the manufacturer in the description for the product.

I can say that on many sites there is a category of goods as ‘discerned goods’, this category means about the same.

The Ozon online store also has this category of goods.

Buying these goods should be carefully, so the goods may not have a productive appearance. For example, packaging can be damaged, there may be a scratch on the product. Perhaps the goods have incomplete equipment.

I recently bought a clock there, so there was no charger.

So it must be understood that the moist goods are not a new product. It costs cheaper, as it does not have a presentation. So buy carefully.

Discounted goods in an online store: ‘ozone’ is called, as a rule, such a product that has some minor defects (say scuffs or scratches on the case) or not complete equipment (there is no instructions, charger, etc.P.). Such a product is sold at a discount and in the description it indicates why it is discounted and how much percent the discount on it is valid.

I bought discounted goods several times, some of them are still working.

The visible product implies that the goods may have any defects. There may be defects both on the packaging and defects of the product itself. You can ask the seller what kind of defects are available to the goods/packaging, why did you.

They have on their site, the goods are transferred to the markdown, in fact, in the same way for the same reasons as in ordinary household and real supermarkets. That is, if the product has lost its appearance a little due to the fact that its box was crumbling or some of its insignificant details were lost, then it becomes discounted.

This means that the product itself is new and not as damaged, but the packaging is spoiled from it, or there is a marriage on it, or it may be completely absent.

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