What does it mean if a girl hugs?

Hugs, then you are sympathetic to her, unless of course this is not just a friendly gesture on her part, which she devotes to every1. In general, they hug only those who they want to touch, to whom they want to snuggle and feel the warmth of a loved 1. Personally, I hug only two people – my mother and my beloved. The rest is very rare, if someone shows the initiative himself.

First you need to determine whether the embrace is the usual behavior of the girl. This can be a consequence of education, friendliness to everyone and everyone, aggravated by humanity or formal habit (possibly even with elements of hypocrisy). The nature of the embrace also has considerable importance – tender, with anchor, with one or other words, by the neck, by the shoulders, beyond the torso, with pressing or not not. Even if a girl hugged you, in your opinion, gently, this is not a fact of love. Often, the girl has been studying the guy for a long time, even if he is pretty. She tries on him to herself, creating real situations, observes his behavior in each case. The guy, not understanding this, can relax, deciding that the work has been done and the relationship has begun, but does not notice how stupid misfires are doing. The girl suddenly changes hugs for hostility and ignoring. So keep the situation under control, do not forget about the sense of humor, tact, respect and openness. This is if the question is asked with such an intent.What does it mean if a girl hugs?

I think it’s too early to say that if a girl hugged, then she fell in love. The probability of falling in love is quite great, but it would be nice to first see how her arms look like, what words they are accompanied, in which situations they occur.

In addition to romantic embrace (if the conversation is about them, then the girl, apparently, is really in love), there are also etiquette. In this case, the girl perfectly owns diplomacy techniques.

And often it happens like this: a girl and a young man participate, for example, in one team (for example, in school) of amateur performances. After a successful room, an emotional girl can take turns approaching and hugging everyone to one participants or those with whom she communicates closer outside the scene.

A girl can hug you under different circumstances, but not take it all seriously on her own account that she really likes you and she wants children from you, as many guys like to fantasize.

The girl can hug you just as a friend, and this despite the fact that you haven’t seen each other for a long time. She can also hug you in the form of gratitude, maybe you from the bazaar reached all the bags of food, and your hands were dry from bags. And to thank you, she decided to arrange ordinary hugs. Guys, fantasize less.

There is nothing complicated here, because if the girl hugs you, then she is pleasant to her, you like the girl. She wants to be next to you, feel you.

If a girl touches you, hugs you, then she wants to be with you in a close relationship.

Perhaps the girl is in love with you, which is the reason for her hugs.

Be that as it may, the girl sympathizes with you.

If a girl hugs, then in any case it means that she feels sympathy for this person. I will never believe that someone will hug an unpleasant person for him. Talking about some more serious feelings by hugs is still too early. Unless she does it in a drunken state when she is not responsible for her actions. There are all sorts of situations.

You can say something if you look at the general behavior of the girl. There are very tactile girls who are easily in contact with others, can easily hug or kiss a person, touch his hand. Such people do not put any sense in such touches, they are just so comfortable. And if a specific girl belongs to this group, which can easily be understood based on her communication with other people, then this means nothing.

But if with others the girl keeps herself at a distance or tries to catch your emotions when she hugs with others, then it can still be about interest. In this case, it is just worth continuing the flirting yourself or, if the girl is not pretty, ask her not to try to hug anymore.

This means that the process of rapprochement occurs between you, and on its initiative. Of course there are girls who embrace everyone in a row and many in a friendly. But if you feel that she has this in your direction regularly, plus she wants to spend time with you and communicate, then you can worsen a little. Well, if she suddenly backs down and says that she is friendly and why you will impruden, then you say that it would specially do this to stop these hypocritical and sexual hugs, since you have a strong libido and they embarrass you.

At the same time, you can add that in principle it is not against sex in a friendly manner if it is so steadily pulling you at the physiological level.

You need to know what relations connect you.

Perhaps the girl shows her gratitude or provides you with support.

And perhaps this is a hint of something big, the girl thus expresses her sympathy for you.

In any case, you are pleasant and pretty to the girl, if this were not so, then the girl would not hug you.

This means that she is a traditional orientation and she is drawn to a man just like him to her.

The proximity is ordinary and a normal phenomenon has been committed, there is no such proximity and relationship.

In general, this does not mean anything, she is a woman, you are a man, and they hug.

In general, she agrees to switch to a closer relationship.

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