What does it mean: if you live in a glass house – do not throw stones at each other?

Very beautiful and truthful/life proverb ‘If you live in a glass house – do not rush to throw stones at each other’, has a deepest meaning, in my understanding as many as 2 meanings:

  • Living well, do not interfere/do not break your life to others, because on someone else’s misfortune you can’t build your happiness, more beautifully saying: living in a glass house throwing stones into someone else’s glass house, your house will be the first to break.
  • Living in/with a family under this roof of the house of glass, throwing stones/quarrels into each other, you can break this house/family, getting into the wall of this glass house bad.

Proverb ‘If you live in a glass house – do not rush to throw stones at each other, very wise, for the apparent simplicity, people come the meaning of the fragility of the present. The relationship of loved ones living under one roof, like fragile glass, can be destroyed from an unsuccessfully spoken word or an unfulfilled promise, an emotional outburst that will be a kind of unexpected st1.

Glass can also get dirty from an unseemly act, mental betrayal or offensive words from a native person. Even if, after understanding, a sobering comes, then the relationship will no longer be the same. No matter how the glass was washed in our case – looking through it we will remember about pollution.

Why complicate your life, it’s easier to be good.

An interesting proverb. I have never heard that. I think its value is that it is always necessary and in all show prudence. ‘Glass House’ allows you to see the lives of other people as in the palm of your hand. Surely, at one point in time, a situation will arise in which you want to “throw a stone” into a neighbor (and in any of the neighbors – they are all perfectly visible). And you can do this at any second, including when the neighbor will fall asleep. The temptation is great. But: We are also the inhabitants of this fragile house, the only abandoned stone can destroy it entirely. Living in one glass house, we depend on each other. One must not forget about this, no matter how great the desire to “throw a stone” under the influence of the momentary impulse… This proverb is a warning from short -sighted behavior. Any rash act can “go sideways” subsequently. I think here you can draw semantic parallels with another proverb: ‘Do not spit in a well – it will come in handy water to get drunk’. It seems to me something like that.

This is an English proverb that all people are quite vulnerable and to be safe yourself, you cannot offend other people. In short – do not spit in a well, it will come in handy water to get drunk – this is if in Russian. You need to try to live in peace with people, even if you don’t really like one of them.

These words mean that you need to be careful, not to offend people, that we are all vulnerable in this world. Analogs of such a proverb can be found in other languages. The wisdom is just biblical. But in fact it is an English proverb.

This proverb is exactly the same means that our Russian ‘do not spit in the well, it will come in handy for the water itself to drink’ that is, you must always think about the future, but to live in a day. To do something in spite of something else, he will come to yourself.

I understand this saying like this: family happiness is something fragile that is easy to destroy (glass house). If in the family everyone is bounced, quarrel, reproach each other (throw stones at each other), then with these reproaches and misunderstanding, it is easy to destroy the family. Here, in fact, and all. I put this meaning in this proverb precisely. Take care of fragile family happiness, then, over time, it will become stone and small squabbles, will not affect its fortress in any way.

This well-known English saying is very known and the meaning is deep, if you live in a glass house, you should not throw a stone in others, because you yourself can get the same stone into your glass house, you don’t have to call some kind of calling if this drawback is thereAnd in you, everything is interconnected and before doing something, you have to weigh everything well and think.

Words from the English proverb who say that it is necessary to think about your act before committing it.

To be more attentive to others and once again not to be aggressive to loved ones, because happiness is so fragile. Which is possible and symbolizes in the proverb glass, which easily beats with a stone, t.e. In word and actions.

As I understand it, the meaning of this proverb is that one must always take into account and weigh your behavior and actions, depending on the real situation. You always need to remember your vulnerability and be careful and attentive.

I think that the meaning of this proverb is not to offend your family and friends, or not very close, you still live with them!

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