What does the expression ‘caught pale’ mean? What is its meaning?

Ciding pale means to bring yourself to a state where it is so bad that the face is white, the body does not obey, the mind does not think. Usually this is for drug addicts from an overdose. A person at this moment is not interested in anything except his condition. In his head thought only to get out of this state. A person in this state does not pay attention to anything. Some more say ‘communicate with the pale’, ‘pale on the neck of the village’, ‘with pale became friends’. In general, people under a drug do not come to mind. By the way, a lot of video masterpieces were created precisely in a state of drug intoxication. Some musicians only compose texts under this.

‘Paul pale’ – in a figurative sense, means any malaise with nausea, dizziness, weakness. This expression, as certain slang, use drug addicts after an overdose of drugs, when it becomes bad, sick, they have a half -fainting state with memory disorders, disorientation.

On the slang ‘catching pale’ means to receive an overdose from hemp.

After an overdose, nausea and vomiting begins. The person looks very pale, from here it went.

Another option to pick up syphilis. Although this is too abstruse for the owner of the pale spirocheti (syphilis pathogen).

Initially, to “catch the pale” – the consequences of an overdose of drug drugs – poor health, nausea, a semi -fiber state with memory disorders, disorientation, etc.P. In a figurative sense, in general, any malaise with nausea, weakness and dizziness.

This expression refers to slang. They use it when they want to characterize a person who is bad, as a rule, if he smoked or got drunk. It means the following: ‘moaned’, ‘pale’, ‘prefabricated state’.

It used to be a pale spirochet. She was the causative agent of syphilis. And in itself syphilis can be transmitted to the household. Through a handshake or towel. Or through a common chinarik. In general, if you are not lucky.

Adolescents often use expressions that differ from its true meaning. This slang expression in adolescents literally overdid it in the use of narcotic or alcohol, thereby bringing itself to such pallor, to a state of nausea.

The expression ‘caught pale’ means that the face of the interlocutor has changed in the face. Most often from a beige-pink face acquired a pale white color, equal to the canvas. Such conditions occur with close fainting, with poisoning, with a strong deterioration of well -being.

Paul pale ‘ – means that a person has become so bad that he became pale in the literal sense of the word. He was sick or he lost consciousness, usually on youth slang, expression is used to refer to the use of narcotic drugs by a teenager.

‘Catching pale’ is a slang expression. Means ‘smears’, ‘moaned’, ‘fainting’, etc. D. So they usually say about those who drink alcohol or smokes something when a person becomes bad.

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