What does the word of the batiks in the Lolita song ‘on the Titanic’ mean?

I think that the word ‘batiks’ is a plural of words ‘batik’.

What does the word of the batiks in the Lolita song ‘on the Titanic’ mean?

It turns out that the heroine of the Lolita clip ‘on the Titanic’ takes off outfits that were sewn from natural fabrics that are painted manually. Rather painstaking and laborious work.

Batik is one of the tissue painting techniques. There is hot, cold, knot… In good art schools, they teach such a technique. Here is one example of battles:

What does the word of the batiks in the Lolita song ‘on the Titanic’ mean?

Batics are a patterned fabric with many shades, covered with drops, shared and all painting on it is made manually.

On some types of fabrics such as silk, synthetics, wool, cotton manually apply paints of various colors. So that the boundaries of the picture are clear and do not mix at the joints of the paint use a special hardener.

The origin of the word Indonesian. There are several types of batiks: hot batik, cold batik, free painting, free painting using salt solution and nodular batik.

What does the word of the batiks in the Lolita song ‘on the Titanic’ mean?

Yes, Batics In the song ‘Titanic’, are not directly related to the technique of manual painting on fabrics. Under ‘Removing Batics’ implied ‘Removing boots’, In the sense of shoes.

This ‘slang’ poet and composer Andrei Frolov.

Why and why such a transformation of concepts occurred? You need to ask the author about this. Perhaps the topic Javanese batik, Names and meaning of the song ‘Titanic’ intersect in the plane of sea shocking themes.

‘Javanese Batik’ – This is an ancient art, as well as a special technique of fabric painting with hot wax and dyes (natural, synthetic).

Java – Indonesian island, residents (men and women) whose everyday and bright ritual colorful clothes created in the style ‘Javanese Batik’. And these manual clothing quite claim to the status of a work of art.

That’s what about ‘battles’ He says herself Lolita In his interview (3:14)

From my point of view, you should not perceive everything literally, sometimes these are phrases (words­) In the song, that well, they don’t seem to be suitable, this is how to say ‘all of the relish’. And in the songs of Lolita, the word ‘Batiki’ implies clothes (dress), because the last battle gathered.

Indeed, I am very memorable Lolita’s song ‘on the Titanic’, Moreover, thanks to an interesting motive, excellent execution and … so -called battles. If anyone watched, how Lotita sang the song, they will remember that she takes off her shoes, that is, Botillons. It is possible that tshe calls battles.

But in general ‘Batik ‘is manual tissue fabrics with special colors, with the performance of the reserve of the composition, based on paraffin, gasoline. Use ‘Batta’ in Indonesia, India. It is possible that in the song about the Titanic Lolitt sings exactly about these battles.

I think that the text is about shoes. And the word ‘batiks’ is formed either from the’ bot ‘or from the’ ankle “. Yes, the first vowel is different, but we are talking about a slang word where this is possible.

If you recall the clip, then Lolita sits in a black dress, while she throws shoes near the chair in the first seconds. And in the frame is barefoot.

A long dress obliges high heels. And with her gesture, she shows that she will not follow more than someone’s rules.

Good afternoon.In general, the word of the batik can have many meanings, but there are two songs that are most suitable for the text.

1) Batics-bush on manually painted fabric, in the singular boutik.The painting of such pieces of fabric is a hobby for many people around the world.

2) In addition, there is a second meaning of this word.Baths-orthopedic shoes, or rather, are sandals with Velcro, which are prescribed by doctors during flat feet, clubfoot and other problems with the legs.

Batics are a patterned fabric, in which there are many different shades, and besides this, such a fabric is painted in such a way that even drops remain on it, which ultimately makes it as lively as possible in tactile terms and generally in appearance.

Battles, nothing else (more precisely) as a patterned tknay and with shades of fabric (on fabric) many.

Perhaps Lolita had this fabric in mind, if more precise.then clothes, such as dress.

And perhaps we are talking about shoes, ‘bots’, ‘boots’ and further ‘battles’.

The origin of the word ‘Batika’ comes to us with Japan.

The word ‘batik’ is a manual painting technique on fabric with paints.

This expression is translated into songs as: Lolita takes off his dress, which is painted in a tale of a batik, and it flies away.

This is not a painting and not ‘slang’. Baths are boots wore sailors who performed the hardest work on the ship. The point is that it is “freed from heavy love, bringing only negative emotions”

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