What facts will confirm that the laws of Solon laid the foundations in Athens (cm)?

Indeed, the laws of Solon laid the foundations of democracy in Athens. Athenians were divided into categories depending on income.The higher the income of a person, the higher his category was and the more he had right. Solon abolished the privileges of Athenian aristocrats, freed all peasant residents – slaves from fragments, and took off debt stones. Created a national assembly where even ordinary people could vote.

The main fact confirming the idea that Solon’s reforms laid the foundations of Athenian democracy, I would call the fact of the distribution of power. Before Solon, power was concentrated either in the hands of one person, or a handful of representatives of the aristocratic class. Changing the class of the class system was a huge step towards democracy.

At first glance, it might seem that belonging to the highest classes, based on wealth, and not on origin, it was not so what an innovation, however, it was assumed that wealth (as opposed to noble origin) can be earned, for example, with the help of trade or discovery-lib of a profitable enterprise, which gave great scope for the social mobility of society and directly contrasted with the previously existing aristocratic system.

In addition, Solon made the opportunity to be the lowest, fourth estate, not only to take part in voting on state issues, but also to occupy some positions that are not previously accessible to them, for example, take part in the jury.

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