What industry produces medicines?

Medicines have always been produced and produced by the pharmaceutical industry, sometimes drugs are also prepared in pharmacies themselves, such as antipyrin and other non-complex drugs, but according to existing state and under the sensitive leadership of the pharmacist-prospector­. The pharmaceutical industry cooperates with many scientific institutions, both chemical and physical, nuclear and d.R. and in general with medicine, since pharmaceuticals in itself will not be able to develop and exist.

The source of most drugs is the medical industry.

There are many industries, independent.

The medicines are produced by the pharmaceutical industry, it is associated with the development and study, market study, the distribution of drugs, work with generics and branded drugs, and one of the successful industries and and.

And in the 19th century, many medicines were made directly in fragmented pharmacies, according to well -known recipes.

Pharmacological industry produces medicines. Pharmacological production – very profitable. It is very well developed in Russia. But unfortunately we are inferior in this Europe. They have the quality of drugs higher and in Russia there are a lot of fakes of drugs. In pharmacies, the medicines have become very expensive and now they have made the vacation of almost all drugs according to the prescription.

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