What is a groan?

The song ‘Crying on Techno’ was included in the album ‘gun’ in 2017 of the Group ‘Bread’. In fact, this is no longer a rap, but a parody of the song of the group ‘Hands Up’ (songs ‘he kisses you’). In the work of this group, words from youth slang are often found, difficult to understand older people. In particular, the word ‘wansa’ denotes VANS sneakers, Nike sneakers are hidden under the word “Nike”, and the word “groans” means a jacket or windbreaker of Stone Island. For these songs there is its own target audience, not always understandable to the older generation of our large country.

What is a groan?

You are no longer surprised when you hear incomprehensible words, phrases in modern songs, which then become popular, famous and even viral.

But in this case, we are faced in a sense of advertising of a popular brand.

In this song, many are unknown to the word – ‘groan’.

What is a groan?

Now young performers earn in their songs, videos, they often use the name of popular brands in the work.

So here we are dealing with the famous Italian brand Stone Island.

What is a groan?

“STONAK” is clothing that is produced by the Italian company “Stone Island”. A distinctive feature of this clothing is the emblem resembling the sign of the military distinction of the NATO “wind rose”. The chip of this emblem is that it is fastened to buttons and rushes on the right sleeve of clothing. This brand has become very popular among young people. It is associated more with street hooligans. An important role in the promotion of this brand was played by the musical track “Crying on the Techno” of the Bread group, and then the remake added to it with “Cream Soda”. This composition has millions of views on the Internet. As a rule, in such a composition you can not look for at least a deep meaning.

What is a groan?

In addition to the word ‘groan’, you can still hear ‘stero’, or ‘moaning’, and more often called this word the desired thing.

And this, for someone unexpectedly, is the thing, nothing to the moans is not connected)

The thing is still very fashionable, and it belongs to the category of those for which you can stop the hooligans of some subcultures and ask for ‘explain for it’.

Basically, this thing, which is a jacket, is respected among football fans, which are close to Britain, skins, etc.P. Therefore, if your city, the settlement periodically shocks the showdown between subcultures of this kind, if you still have a person on your streets, then do not buy Stone Island. There will simply be fewer problems. And many hooligans like to get the “groans” in this way – from a passerby.

There is such an Italian company Stone Island, whose jackets are very popular.Solo performers, perhaps for the sake of advertising, introduced in their song ‘I cry on techno’ this is a new slang word, which may become neologism tomorrow tomorrow. This word ‘groan’ is agreed with the name of the Italian brand Stone Island and is already used by some part of youth, as the name of a very convenient and fashionable jacket of Italian production…

The Russian group, founded in 2013, three video bloggers, performs mainly a comedic rap. Gradually, the group gained its popularity, on YouTube it has many subscribers. In the texts of the songs of this rap groups of the Hochmachi there are unfamiliar words. For example, when listening to one of the songs, you can hear the name of the item of clothing ‘moanak’, which, with a detailed study, turned out to be a stone lsland jacket

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