What is a thympanic temperature?

There are four main types of temperature:

  1. Axillar temperature
  2. Building temperature
  3. Timpanic temperature
  4. Rectal temperature

Typically, a simple person by name is easiest to understand what a rectal temperature is – it is measured by a thermometer through the anus.

Bouquet temperature – nothing more than a temperature measured under the tongue in the mouth using a special thermometric probe. But there are large errors and you need to know which way to regulate the measurement results.

The most common way to measure temperature in a scientific sound sounds unusual – Axillar. The thermometer must be kept for about two minutes in the axillary cavity.

But the thympanic temperature requires an attentive approach. The temperature is measured by introducing a special electronic curved thermometer into the auricle. Not everyone knows how to do this correctly, so this method is not very popular.

The advantage of this method is that you can conduct a ‘operation’ even over a sleeping person. The main thing is to put it in the correct position. The method is available for conducting only children over eight years old due to the features of the structure of their still inextricable ears.

In fact, scientists put the thympanic temperature in the first place in accuracy among other types of temperatures.

What is a thympanic temperature?What is a thympanic temperature?

Timpanic temperature – the temperature that is measured in the auditory passage, namely in the ear. It is measured very quickly, and it is convenient – you do not need to wait long and sit motionless, which can be difficult for children, especially babies. Measured using a special thermometer, which is quite expensive

This is a temperature that is measured in the auditory passage.

In all likelihood, many people who have been sick at least once are well aware that a person’s temperature can be measured in different ways. One of the known measurement methods is an ordinary mercury thermometer, which is placed in the axillary cavity. There is also an oral method. This means that the thermometer is placed directly in the mouth. There is also a recent way when the thermometer is inserted into the anus.

So, there is another way to measure body temperature using a special infrared thermometer. This thermometer is inserted into the auricle and after a few seconds you can see the result.

This is the measurement of temperature and is called a tympanic temperature.

What is a thympanic temperature?

We all traditionally measure body temperature, putting a thermometer under the mouse. This is the most convenient way.

However, there are other ways that are not so popular.

So one of them is just a measurement of a tympanic temperature.

Using a special meter, which is inserted into the auricle, measure the temperature. This method is not the most convenient, and it must be done carefully so as not to harm a person.

However, this measurement method has its advantages: it is more accurate.

There is a medical term – a tympanic temperature. As you already understood, the whole thing is twisted with the temperature. The only difference between thermometers is the measurement method. An ordinary thermometer for the armpit (digital, mercury) – we measure under the arm. But the tympanic – in the auricle. According to experts, the last option is more accurate and easy to use. Especially for children who cannot withstand a five -minute temperature measurement.

The thympanic temperature practically repeats the temperature of the body with a whole, and from the usual measurement it differs only in that the electronic thermometer is introduced into the auditory passage, and there is enough seconds to measure.

This method is used mainly for uncontrolled or sleeping patients.

Children are not used often, since their auditory passage is narrow, and is completely opened only by ten years.

The tympanic body temperature differs only in the way and place (area) of its measurement. Unlike the ‘ordinary’ body temperature, the Czech tympan is measured in this way, we take a thermometer (special) and enter into the ear, for a few seconds.

Very fast and convenient enough when it comes to a restless child).

The thympanic body temperature, in principle, is no different from the usual one, and it differs only by the method of measuring it. If a regular thermometer we measured the armpit, then here, we insert a special apparatus into the ear and with its help, in a few seconds, we find out the human body temperature.What is a thympanic temperature?

The difference from the temperature that is measured by the thermometer under the arm, the thympanic temperature is the temperature measured by a special apparatus (also a thermometer) inserted into the ear.

Such a temperature measurement process is faster and more accurate.

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