What is common in the concepts of ‘morality’ and ‘worldview’? What is their difference?

The worldview is the views of man, his life position developed on the basis of personal experience. So, for example, to call the worldview those views that other people put in the head that he cannot justify with anything except that others think so or is so accepted for centuries, in no case can not be.

As for morality, these are the unspoken rules that humanity has developed over the centuries and which are aimed at maintaining the future of mankind and contributing to better communication between people. The intolerable and extreme views that fanatics adhere to, calling to destroy someone or limit his freedom, is an example of false moral values that have nothing to do with real morality.

By morality usually means the Code of Inquisition adopted in society. Speaking in simple words, morality is a compass, a guide in the world of good deeds and deeds. A worldview is a system of beliefs and/or doctrines that guide social groups or individuals.

The worldview and morality are interconnected because most people have a worldview based on certain moral principles.

However, these concepts are by no means identical. For example, a certain social group follow the same set of moral standards, but members of this group can not only completely differently prioritize, but also have completely different beliefs regarding a particular issue.

Undoubtedly morality, moral principles adopted in society, affects the worldview of any person, but in the same way the reverse statement is true that the worldview, which is divided by a large number of people, affects the moral norms of such a society.

Morality is a norm of behavior based on the idea that it is good about what is bad, that is, the concepts of good and evil.

Worldview – a view of the world and in its place in it.

General in these concepts is their focus on the personality of a person, on his views and attitude to life. The difference between these concepts is that morality is the rules of society as a whole, and the worldview is unique to every person.

Both moral and worldview are a product of the human mind, the result of any activity of people. The difference is that morality is an idea of a good person and about his good deeds, which is in society, the so -called norm of behavior. The worldview is a purely individual thing, emanating from a particular person whose ideas can sometimes diverge from universally recognized norms.

In my opinion, morality to a greater extent is a person’s moral appearance according to the stained certain norms by going for which there is also immoral. And the worldview is based on the convention and the device of the world -the understanding, again, morality is usually the same and the worldview has its own understanding of their own understanding.

Morality necessarily has a worldview. There can be no morality without a worldview. Moral principles directly dictate religions, they demand a mandatory following their adherents. Without faith in God there is no morality, but this is a somewhat distraction from the answer to this question.

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