What is equal to COS 60 degrees?

Unfortunately, I do not know how now in our schools they “drive” to students the ability not to get confused in the meanings of straight trigonometric functions of different angles, I can only suggest that it was easiest for me to remember these values using a single circle.

Everything is very simple: by hand on the notebook sheet in the cell, we draw a circle with a diameter of several cells,. At the same time, we remember that the axis ‘x’ is the Cos function, and ‘y’ – sin. The angle of 60 degrees, as you know, is sharp, located in the first quarter of our circle.

From the point of intersection of the axes (center of the circle), we lay the segment to the circle of the circumference in such a way as to get the necessary angle between this segment and the abscissa axis (see.rice.).

What is equal to COS 60 degrees?What is equal to COS 60 degrees?

Now I don’t remember almost nothing about cosine, but there was a time, even different geometric tasks clicked, but now I don’t need such information, so everything has disappeared from my head.

Well, at least there is where to see and update your knowledge, for example, to copy such a picture for yourself.

What is equal to COS 60 degrees?

During not all exams in mathematics, you can use reference materials. Therefore, some information is better to know by heart.

Those who solved enough exercises on trigonometry should remember that the mowing of an angle of sixty degrees is equal to one second, that is, 0.5.

Firstly, let’s get back from the fact that the values of the cosine are allowed to be grouped in a sign and use it. There are even a lot of this kind of table.

So if we are talking about the mowing of sixty degrees, then it is 1/2 or 0.5.

We are in the school in cosines, sinuses and tangenes of the main corners – 30.45.60, 90 and t.D. Grades had to know by heart. I knew everything by heart, but still I don’t remember anything now. Nevertheless, the mowing of an angle of 60 degrees is 0.5.

Answer: COS 60 = 0.5.

The cosine table should always be at hand in order to know the right values for sure, it is advisable to learn the values of cosine to pass the exam well or just get a decent certificate. Cosine 60 degrees = 1/2 (0.5).

The mowing of sixty degrees is easiest to determine than 45 and 30 degrees, it does not have complex fractions with roots, etc. It is equal to one second. For clarity, you can keep a sign of cosines, sinuses and tangins:

What is equal to COS 60 degrees?

In school years, he also suffered with these data. So I had such a question why I was forced to teach these indicators? Throughout my life, this is the only time that this knowledge was useful to me in practice to help the author on a big question. Here take this table, print, cut out with scissors and glue on the inner side of the notebook. What is equal to COS 60 degrees?

The value of cosine is watched along the axis x. If the cosine of zero is a unit, and the cosine of 45 degrees is equal to the root of the three divided by two, then the logic of the cosine of 60 degrees is one second, that is, 1/2. It is more convenient to remember to imagine before a special circle.

Cosine of the angle is the ratio of the adjacent cabin of a rectangular triangle to hypotenuse.

If this angle is indicated by the letter α, then the cosine of the angle α in the formulas will be indicated by cos α.

Answering the question, COS 60 degrees is 0.5 or 1/2.

One second t.e. 1/2 if my memory serves me

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