What is the joke: oak with a human face – where does the meme come from, which means?

The picture looks like a tree with a face, it is also called a wise mysterious tree and a mystical tree, an oak with a face.

Looking at the image of the face of this tree, you can notice wisdom in his gaze and at the same time equanimity, but also sadness with regret, disappointment or not the desire to accept some information.

In 2023, this meme was used in a variety of senses, starting from the fact that the expression of an oak shows a reaction to a specific situation: surprise or sadness, indifference, understanding, renunciation.

And inventing other diverse meanings, jokes with the image of this wise mysterious tree with a face, adding new inscriptions and thus indicating various reactions to what is happening or expression of attitude to something.

What is the joke: oak with a human face – where does the meme come from, which means?

This meme became popular in 2023. The bottom line is that users leave a reaction to any post in the form of this thoughtful tree with a serious look, looking directly at you. The reaction can be different, each interprets in their own way. For example, surprise, condemnation, irony.

Initially, this picture appeared in an advertisement for one computer game in 2017. Then one of the users used it as a reaction on his page, so the meme appeared.

This picture – Oak with the face of a person first appeared back in 2017. The purpose of this image was the advertisement of the game “Stormfall: Age of War”.

The original advertising depicts oak with a knight who kneels in front of a wise tree.

A year later, namely, in the fall of 2023, this picture a little modified appeared again on the Internet.

Now this courageous tree looks right in front of him. At the same time, the view is concentrated and serious.

This ma’am even has the name – “wise mysterious tree” (or mystical).

The meme was reborn after the publication of the user’s tweet – @marisagender.

The tree walks through the Internet, often found on Twitter. The meme does not have any semantic load, it is used by users for approval, condemning something depending on the meaning.

What is the joke: oak with a human face – where does the meme come from, which means?

I used to be young too and we joined. And now modern youth is pinning on the Internet. But it seems to me that everything is simple and those who invented it themselves did not understand what the meaning. And then a fairy tale about Pinocchio can be remembered about the people called oaks. But in any sense, the oak face is oak, and not Sosnovoe indicates that the person is oak.

It is worth saying that this meme has different names. I also met the following name: ‘Wise tree with a face’.

So, it all started with this picture from one advertising:

What is the joke: oak with a human face – where does the meme come from, which means?

At first it was just a frame from an interactive computer game.

Today it has become a meme.

A tree with a human look, now inserted into motivators of different directions. The main thing is the gaze of this tree itself, as if the gaze of a living person who adds memorial comments, more expressiveness.

Now not only words on the network are popular, but also various emoticons and memes.

Oak with a human face first appeared in the advertising of computer games from Plarium.

Well, a meme means a reaction to some kind of action: equanimity, wisdom, calm, life experience, even reproach in some case. Since they use different faces for wood, you need to look at what this emotion is similar to the face.

There is someone else’s work and who has enough fantasy, but there are a lot of memes different with a wise tree.

What is the joke: oak with a human face – where does the meme come from, which means?

A joke about a ‘tree with a human face’ is a reference to the legend of the ‘world tree’ in Scandinavian mythology. The world tree is a sacred tree that, as they say, connects various worlds in nine kingdoms of Scandinavian mythology. In the context of a joke, a tree with a human face is a symbol of ‘Tree of Life’ or ‘World Tree’ in Scandinavian mythology, which is often used as a symbol of the endless life and power of the gods.

This meme has now become very popular, the meme is an image of a tree (oak) with a person’s face. In the gaze of this oak, wisdom, condemnation – reproach, indignation and not only.

The meme is used in various situations, people often use them, send them to each other on the Web, the benefit of them can be easily found.

For the first time this meme originated back in 2017, but now it has become popular with renewed vigor.

A meme with an oak and a human face arose in 2016 and gained wide popularity on the Internet. He depicts a photo of an oak with eyes and mouth added using Photoshop or other images editing programs. This meme is often used to convey various feelings, for example, surprise, disappointment, joy or sadness.

At first, the meme became popular in the Russian -speaking environment, but later spread around the world. Perhaps the joke lies in the unexpected combination of the natural element (oak) and human features, which give the tree a kind of emotional expressiveness and make it more alive and interesting. In addition, the use of this meme can be associated with the desire to express your emotions and feelings through an unusual and funny image.

A joke about a “tree with a human face” is a reference to the legend of the “world tree” in Scandinavian mythology. World Tree is a sacred tree connecting various worlds from nine worlds of Scandinavian mythology. In a humorous context, a tree with a human face is a symbol of the “tree of life” or “wood of the world” in Scandinavian mythology, often used as a symbol of endless life and the strength of the gods.

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