What is the name of the girl Evgen Bro?

Fans of Yevgen Bron until the summer of 2023 were divided into two camps. Some said that Ksenia is the younger sister of the video blogger and lives in Yekaterinburg, while others, that Ksenia is the very mysterious girl with whom their idol meets.

But both sides of the fans were mistaken. Evgen Brid on YouTube Channel released a video in which he said that Ksenia is an actress, whom he had previously invited to act. The video blogger shared that they support communication, but are not a guy and a girl.

In general, Evgen bro is a rather modest celebrity. He reluctantly shares the details from his life. Evgen is convinced that his blog should only be about the computer game ‘Minecraft’.

Evgen Brony Lettsleer, he illuminates the most popular computer games, such as minecraft, so very popular.

If you watch his videos, you could notice that a girl is present there.

But this is not the girl of Evgen, this is his sister Ksenia.

Here is a frame from his video, where it is clearly visible.

It should be noted that Ksenia is also a blogger, also obsessed with computer games and has its own channel on YouTube, here.

What is the name of the girl Evgen Bro?

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