What is the name of the summer Tatar and Bashkir holiday?

Many peoples have similar holidays that live in the Volga region, but, of course, with their color. Everyone has its own history, traditions that Gd glory live and pass from generation to generation. It is worth noting that this is a common holiday for the Bashkirs and Tatars. Means this name (translated­) like a celebration. There are something similar to Chuvash, Mari, Mordovians, Udmurts, Caucasian peoples.

What is the name of the summer Tatar and Bashkir holiday?

In Rus’, the Pancake week holiday is celebrated for a very long time and always on a grand scale. There is no doubt here that Shrovetide is an original Russian holiday, at least we can draw such conclusions annually, which is known both by adults and children.

The very name Sabantuy speaks of origin. There is something eastern here, if I may say so. Since school times, I often had to meet this word, or rather a name, images.

I remember many funny pictures on this topic, because the holidays have different people and are found in different ways. Images were on souvenir products of artistic creation.

Answer to the question: Sabantuy.

Tatars and Bashkirs celebrate this holiday.

It is worth remembering the story. In the old days, much depended in the lives of people on natural phenomena, such as productivity, etc.P. If drought, or maybe other phenomena… You can always rejoice at a good year, beginning, success in life and deeds. And on the contrary, it is possible and vice versa with a good tradition to create prerequisites for prosperity. So here, a wonderful Sabantui holiday with interesting traditions.

Well, certainly not Shrovetide.

She is celebrated exactly before entering the great post. This holiday happens at the end of the oil week. Then it is customary to burn the scarecrow of this very Maslenitsa, compete in climbing a smooth mast, ride carousels and there are pancakes with different seasonings, but not with meat.

Sabantuy – Tatar holiday. He falls on the summer.

Here, too, does not do without comic competitions, here is also full of delicious food, a lot of songs and dancing. In general – the people are having fun by right. They successfully eliminated, now they are waiting for the crop.

In traditions, arrange fairs with products of folk crafts, tastings of the first rolled ‘May’ honey, which Bashkiria, a review of national outfits are famous for.

Beautiful and festive event – Sabantuy.

Many, if not everyone, peoples have holidays dedicated to the onset of warm season. Maslenitsa is celebrated by Russians, meeting spring and seeing off the winter. For example, Khakasses have a holiday when cattle begin to expel to summer pastures. But the Tatars and Bashkirs celebrate the end of spring field work. This holiday is called Sabantuy. It is noted very widely and very fun. Translated from Bashkir Sabantui means ‘Plug’s holiday’.

What is the name of the summer Tatar and Bashkir holiday?

To answer this question is quite simple, since both of these holidays are quite famous and you will not be difficult to choose from two options.

Shrovetide is a pagan holiday that is known in Rus’ before the adoption of Christianity. It begins on Monday when they dress up the doll -hijoel, which is then burned. This folk holiday, which is celebrated throughout the country, and Tatar or Bashkir cannot be called it.

But Sabantuy is the favorite holiday of the Tatar people, the holiday of labor. It is celebrated on June 23, sports and other entertainment events are held in the main areas of cities, just at this holiday, anyone can try a national chuck-chak dish. The main idea of this holiday is the propaganda of a healthy lifestyle.

So the correct option is the first – Sabantuy.

This summer holiday among Tatars and Bashkirs is called Sabantuy. Celebrate it after the end of the sowing. Usually falls on the first or second Saturday of June. The program of the holiday is honored by the overheads of collective farms of the district, an exhibition of agricultural machinery and cars, concert. For children and adults, various competitions are provided with worthy prizes for 1-3 places. These are horse races, running, struggle, climbing a pole, running with obstacles, struggle on a log with bags and many other funny and interesting. Well, as without national farmsteads with their interesting life and dishes. And of course, a fair where you can buy clothes, shoes, hats, products, as well as barbecue, delicious pilaf and much more…

The question is not very complicated, these holidays are well -known to every1. Of the two options, you need to choose the first. It is known that this holiday is mentioned back in 921.our era, in the diary of the Arab ambassador. At that time, he wore a sacred meaning in a leopard for applying for spirits, so that there was a good harvest. Therefore, he coped in April earlier and participated in it mainly guys, since there was a certain wedding with nature, therefore, in the very word there is part of the word ‘thuja’, which in many Turkinosa countries means ‘Wedding’. A ‘Saban’ is a plow. So it turns out sabantuy, that is, the holiday of the plow.

Nowadays, this Tatar, Bashkir holiday is celebrated in three stages. The first stage is celebrated in villages, villages, the second stage in a week in cities, and a week later in the capital of Tatarstan. It passes very fun, noisy and competitions, songs, dancing, festivities, etc. By the way, this holiday is under the protection of UNESCO. The answer to the question is in the first line – Sabantuy.

Not earlier than the end of the post, but at the end of all field work, this fun friendly national festival of the plow is carried out, it is summer Bashkir and Tatar. The magical orientation of this rite existed at first, but it disappeared with a change in the economic way of life of these peoples. And then just like a folk holiday, this beautiful custom continued to exist. So, after the end of the sowing, a cheerful sabantuy is celebrated.

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