What is the phone number of Arthur Pirozhkov?

I don’t remember the phone number of Arthur Pirozhkov, but it seems he mentioned his phone and address in one of his clips. Just found this video. Those who wish can call his mobile, maybe someone is lucky.

Arthur Pirozhkov voices his phone number in the song ‘Peredays’. True, for some reason there are more numbers in it than should be. But the beginning of the phone number is ‘real’. This is the number 8-9-16-16-17-21-13-12-15-1.

I think that the owner of the phone number is 8-916-172-11-31 often fans of Arthur Pirozhkov, as well as various kinds of curious, jokes and prankers.

And the address of the Malokuznetsk region Krasnogvardeisky district Zheleznodorozhny village 24 house

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891617211312151 This is the phone number Arthur Pirozhkova

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