What is the verification word to the words: the area, local?

Word with an unpronounced letter T in the root of the word. Check the word ‘terrain’ is easy if you choose the one -rooted words, we get ‘place’ or the word ‘place’. It is clear that in the word ‘terrain’ there is a consonant t

Sometimes when writing the words ‘terrain’ and ‘local’, difficulties in the correct spelling may arise, since it often happens that the writer misses the desired letter in these words, in our case, the consonant letter ‘T’. To make sure that it really is there and is needed, we will select a single -root verification word, where this consonant is clearly heard.It can be the word ‘place’, where you can’t do without the letter ‘T’.Therefore, the correctness of the spelling will be such – the “terrain” and ‘local’ with the consonant letter ‘T’ always.Therefore, if difficulties begin to arise in such words, you just need to choose some kind of test word in order to check the difficult letter we need, of course, if this word is not vocabulary.

When we pronounce the words ‘terrain’ and ‘local’, we do not voice the letter ‘T’, and therefore the question arises for many when writing this word (whether the letter ‘t’ writes). And the verification word will be the word ‘place’.

According to the rules of the Russian language, in order to choose a test word, they should be some single-rooted word in which the letter that they want to check for spelling would be clearly heard.In this case, it can be the word ‘place’, de letter ‘t’ is just clearly audible.That is, it turns out that the verified words in our question will also be written only through the letter ‘T’.

I think that a mistake here can only be made in the fact that skip the letter T.

We select a test word. The word place is perfect here. In the word, the place we hear very well the tank t, which means that in the word the area without the letter T cannot be dispensed with.

Words of the local, local are closely related to the word PLACE, After all, they came from this word: the area is PLACE, where we live, local – living on a certain Place. And in the wordTOh letter T It is heard very well and it cannot be missed.

The word is a local, local we write with the letter T. Because we select the words a place or a place as testing words and we understand that you need to write in words.

We write the terrain, local, place, place with a consonant letter T in the root of the word.

In the words’ local ‘,’ terrain ‘may arise in the spelling of the consonant’ t ‘in a combination of letters’. For verification, we will select a word in which the consonant ‘t’ is clearly heard. Such a test word can be the word ‘place’.

With the word the area and the local one problem, write a tank t or not write. I say to write, as I studied well at school. We check the place in the word. As they say, I learned the verification word from the book, and not invented myself.

When writing the words ‘terrain’ and ‘local’, questions may arise about the need for the letter ‘T’. In this case, the words ‘place’, a place or ‘place’, in which the letter ‘t’, can be heard clearly, can be verified by verification.

When writing this word, the question may arise: ‘Whether to write the letter T or not write?“The letter T can be written, because the verified word ‘local’ can be checked with the word ‘place’ or ‘place’, where it is good.

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