What kind of meme “op, op, lived and enough? Where is he from?

Last year, a new meme appeared on Tik Tok, which quickly became a viral.

‘OP, OP, we live, live’.

Not everything in the topic that this meme appeared from one of the episodes ‘Gach Life’.

Then this meme was supplemented, and it sounded like this-

‘OP, OP, we live, we live-

Live and enough ‘.

There is no second phrase of Gacha Life, it was invented by TIK current users.

What kind of meme “op, op, lived and enough? Where is he from?

Now there are quite a lot of different memes and the origin of each has their own, since quite often even phrases from films turn into memes.

Sometimes some phrases from popular videos become part of a new meme.

In Tiktok, now you can find a video where they have a sound ‘OP live, we live’ and ‘OP, have lived and stop’.

The phrase itself also said one of the users of this site and many began to use and impose that sound on their videos, which caused a new trend in Tiktok.

This meme was born in tick current. Initially, there was only the first phrase, it appeared in the episode of Gach Life. The phrase has become popular, users came up with a continuation, and now in Tik Tok it can be heard very of10.

Actually, the Tick-Tok-current memes-with sound and video, these are not graphic images that can be posted or sent to friends as a postcard, namely a video format.

The idea to apply a cool sound file on a completely different video in the video is not new.

This meme ‘OP, OP, we live, live – have lived and enough’ – this is a combination of sound from the Anime ‘Gacha Life and video bloggers tick -Toka.

It turns out interesting. especially if you watch a tape from many videos, each has its own interpretation.

It seems to me that the original says ‘where we live’ twice, only very quickly.

Viral meme, but in my opinion it will not last long.

In general, I often meet this meme on ‘tick current’, but I don’t really like it very much.

It seems to me some negativity in it is laid in it and it is not enough funny and does not even make you smile (like some memes).

As far as I know, the meme appeared, or rather the phrase (it was the phrase that gave the impetus of popularity to this meme) in the game ‘gacha life’ – more precisely, if expressed, then in its Russian voice acting.

This phrase naturally “pulled out” people’s craftsmen and began to invent and realize various memes that (in their opinion) are considered funny and funny.

In general, most of all different ‘fantasizers’ and improvisation turned out!

On the social network Tiktok, you can now see many memes, the popularity of which is gaining momentum every day.

Among them there is such a meme, a video in which the phrase ‘OP sounds, they lived and enough’.

This phrase appeared, for the first time sounded in such a cartoon as ‘Gacha Life’.

Hearing her and remembering, Tiktokore applied her in his video. The phrase has taken root and a meme appeared over time.

This meme appeared in the popularity of TIK TOKE. This phrase, said in an edifying tone, is very often imposed on their short videos of tickcers. Everything would be nothing, but only the fact that among them there are videos with a free fall from the roofs and high -rise buildings of cartoon heroes under ‘OP, OP, have lived and enough’. What kind of humor is such? Not quite positive!

This phrase was initially invented by the scriptwriters of the cartoon ‘Gacha Life’, since for the first time in our century it appeared there exactly there. Well, people, then in such a social network as TIK TOK, added popularity to it, becoming it there, with various kinds of continuation.

In the genres of role -playing and casuals, a fascinating game of Gacha Life was created, where you can create characters and with a lot of positive emotions to participate in their lives, has become very popular. This project is more oriented to the children’s audience of gamers, especially for girls. It was here that this phrase sounded in the episode of Gach Life “OP, OP, lived and enough ‘. And then she went for a walk along the tick. However, this phrase is not at all harmless, since it is used to demonstrate the fall of characters from high buildings and roofs. This meme is not at all harmless.

This is a meme from Tik current, where it appeared for the first time.

More specifically, then the phrase from the animated film ‘Gacha Life’, there they heard it for the first time, and then she appeared in Tiktoka.

The popularity of this meme is gaining momentum already repeatedly met it on social networks and not only.

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